Advantages of a Non-Profit Healthcare Career College
Advantages of a Non-Profit Healthcare Career College

Advantages of a Non-Profit Healthcare Career College

April 14, 2014

If you’re considering a career in healthcare, chances are good you’ve already started researching healthcare career colleges in Los Angeles. A healthcare career college is one of the most efficient and effective methods of giving yourself the tools you’ll need to find a job in the explosive healthcare market, whether you’re interested in physical therapy, pharmacy work, or any other specific niche. The jobs are out there; recruiters and hiring managers are just waiting for qualified candidates.

Choosing between healthcare career colleges is no small task. There are many pros and cons to consider. But remember that for-profit and non-profit schools are not the same. It doesn’t sound like a major difference on paper, but non-profit schools offer a markedly better experience (at a lower cost) due to the way in which they think about the relationship between education and money.

Here are some advantages of a non-profit career college:

Student Focus

A non-profit college’s goal is simply helping you to learn and grow as a student. Non-profits measure their success through their students — not through quarterly earnings reports. For-profit colleges are designed to make as much money as possible for investors and shareholders. In other words, the needs of the student will always come second to the needs of the shareholders. Would you prefer the people running your school were concerned about your career prospects or their profit share bonus?


While exceptions do exist, non-profit colleges are usually more affordable than their for-profit cousins. Because the college seeks only to cover its costs, fees and tuition are generally lower. Students are often nickeled and dimed at for-profit schools by a host of fees and additional costs that aren’t mentioned in the quoted tuition total. All in all, a non-profit career college is going to cost less than a for-profit school.

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