Are There Online Programs for Careers in the Medical Industry?

Published - June 12, 2024

Are you interested in a medical career but don’t want to care for patients directly? The good news is that you have options. CBD College offers two degree programs, one for working in the back office and one for managing medical staff. The best thing is that they are both offered online.

Are There Online Programs for Careers in the Medical Industry?

While some medical programs need to be in-person or at least hybrid, some programs can be taught online and still prepare you for a career in the medical industry. Medical assistants must perform phlebotomy, and nurses must do clinical rounds during an educational program. This takes hands-on training under strict supervision. However, you can start a career in the medical industry with an online degree program. Take courses from home and skip the commute. Let CBD College prepare for a rewarding career helping others without direct clinical care.

What are the Online Programs for Careers in the Medical Industry?

Did you know that CBD College offers online programs? You can become a health information technician or health services manager without leaving the comfort of your home. Classes are virtual, and office hours are held over video-conferencing software. You still get personalized attention from instructors and meet classmates virtually. Plus, when the time comes to find a job, we have you covered with our career services.

Career #1: Health Information Technician

The Online Health Information Technology degree program prepares you for a role as a health information technician. Their responsibilities include:

Billing and Coding

They manage records using proper coding systems to process healthcare and insurance claims. Health information technicians interact with patients, providers, and insurance companies to allow insurance claims to be processed successfully and keep the medical facility running smoothly.

Data Collection and Analysis

The health information technician receives, processes, and analyzes patient forms, medical histories, and data for legal requests and insurance authorizations. This information is entered into electronic health records for the patient’s physicians to offer the best health outcomes.

Administrative Support

Health information technicians are the support team for medical facility staff. They pitch in, answer the phone, manage patient records, and schedule appointments. Their work allows physicians and nurses more time to manage patient care, offering better health outcomes.

Career #2: Health Science Manager

The Online Bachelor’s of Health Science program prepares you for an entry-level role as a health science manager. Daily, they are responsible for:

Improving Efficiency

The health science manager will assess the current procedures to improve efficiency. This includes developing departmental goals and objectives. Plus, they prepare and monitor budgets and spending to stay fully funded without overruns. They also keep and organize records of the facility’s services.


Part of the health science manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the medical facility is up to date on and compliant with laws and regulations. For example, processes and protocols are set up, and medical workers are trained on proper adherence to OSHA and HIPAA guidelines.

Managing Staff

The health science manager recruits, trains, and supervises medical staff. They create work schedules, offer feedback, and cross-train employees to support one another.

How Do You Become a Health Information Technician or Health Science Manager?

CBD College offers two degree programs that prepare you for entry-level positions in the medical field. Plus, they are offered online, so you can take care of other personal responsibilities without sacrificing your education. We have been helping students become medical professionals for over 40 years. Let us train you for a rewarding career that allows you to help others in a meaningful way.

Online Health Information Technology Degree

Health Information Technology (HIT) is the backbone of the healthcare universe. Doctors, administrators, nurses, and various healthcare professionals across fields look to this function to access essential patient data that can be made available immediately. If you are ready to become a medical professional, the Online Health Information Technology Degree program is waiting.

Online Bachelor’s of Health Science Program

You’re already making a difference through the work you love. Now, take it to the next level with CBD College’s Online Bachelor’s of Health Science degree program. It’s flexible, affordable, and uniquely tailored to build on the skills and experience you’ve acquired professionally.

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