MRI Technician Certification: An Overview of ARRT

Published - July 10, 2024

Are you considering becoming an MRI technician? Not sure what you need to start working in an entry-level role? CBD College can help you begin this journey. Did you know you can complete the MRI Technician program in as little as 18 months? You will build your knowledge and skills by attending classroom lectures and hands-on training in real-life scenarios. We offer a hybrid program so you can attend lectures virtually. Plus, you get to use the same advanced technology that you will use on the job. So, do you need an associate’s degree, license, or certification to become an MRI technician?

Do I Need a Certification to Become an MRI Technician?

Although a state license is not required to become an MRI technician, you must be certified by the ARRT before seeing patients.

How Do I Get an MRI Technician Certification?

You must complete an ARRT-accredited MRI Technician program to be eligible for the MRI Primary Pathway exam. CBD College offers an accredited MRI Technician program to help you become certified and prepare you for an entry-level position in a hospital, clinic, or diagnostic laboratory.

What is the ARRT?

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) is a credentialing organization that certifies and registers medical professionals in medical imaging and radiation therapy.

Why Get Certified By the ARRT?

Being certified by the ARRT offers many advantages. Some of those advantages include:

Employer Recognition

Whether you are applying for a new MRI technician role or looking to advance in your current position, employers look for achievements, continued education, and certification as indicators of leadership and passion.

Boost Your Resume

It can be challenging to get an interview with a new employer. Adding a certification to your resume is a great way to stand out.

Showing Your Professional Standards

An ARRT credential verifies your knowledge and skills, and that you meet professional standards. The ARRT holds MRI technicians to a high standard. There are three requirements that the ARRT must confirm for new certification applications. These requirements include:

Education – applicants must complete an ARRT-approved educational program in MRI Technology.

Ethics – protecting patients should be an MRI technician’s highest priority. Medical professionals certified by the ARRT are qualified, responsible, and trustworthy.

Examination – the final requirement for certification and registration is taking the examination in MRI technology. The exams measure your understanding and knowledge of daily tasks for an entry-level technologist.

Gaining Confidence

Having the knowledge and skills to be an MRI technician increases confidence. Knowing that you meet the rigorous standards of the ARRT means you are ready to help patients enjoy improved health outcomes.

Why Complete the MRI Technician Program at CBD College?

There are many benefits to completing the Associate of Applied Science degree at CBD College. These benefits include:

A Flexible Schedule

You will enjoy a hybrid curriculum and attend virtual lectures. Hands-on training is completed in person so you can get direct instructor feedback and use industry-standard equipment that you will use on the job.

1-on-1 Training and Support

With our small class sizes, instructors can offer personalized attention and direct feedback to help you build your knowledge base and confidence in your skills. Instructors are always ready to answer questions during virtual lectures and lab training.

Industry Experienced Instructors

We hire industry-experienced instructors who have been in your shoes and know what you need to succeed as an MRI technician. They have many years of experience working with MRI machines and are ready to support you through the curriculum.


You get to shadow real MRI technicians to learn the day-to-day responsibilities you will encounter in your new career. CBD College will match you with an employer in the Los Angeles community to help build your skillset and confidence. After completing the externship, you will be ready to capture images, ensure image quality, and manage image data like a pro.

Career Services

At the end of the program, graduates are offered career services to find a job after graduation. We help you build a resume, prepare for interviews, and match you with jobs that fit your passion. Employers know that CBD College graduates are ready to hit the ground running and need less on-the-job training, saving resources in the process. Let us help you find a job that you are passionate about.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to become an MRI technician, it is time to learn more about CBD College. Let us guide you through the ARRT Primary Pathway curriculum and prepare you for an entry-level role as an MRI technician. Help others and enjoy a rewarding career. It’s a win-win. 


MRI Technician Program


If you enjoy working side-by-side with physicians and radiologists and enjoy a good challenge in a technologically advanced field, this is your career choice!


In as little as 18 months, the AAS in MRI Program that follows the ARRT Primary Pathway will prepare you with the knowledge and skills you will need to fulfill the responsibilities of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist.


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