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Pharmacy Tech Week: Influential Pharmacists

Pharmacy Tech Week: Influential Pharmacists

October 18, 2017

Pharmacy Tech Week: Influential Pharmacists

October 15-21, recognize your pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for the important role they play in educating patients, promoting safe and effective use of medication, and providing the perfect dose of caring and commitment. Pharmacy Tech Week is the perfect opportunity to give your local pharmacist a gift and show them that you’ve noticed all their hard work.


Alexander Fleming

influential pharmacists
Born:  1881

Died:  1955

Origin:   Scotland


Prior to his discovery of penicillin, Alexander  Fleming already had a reputation for excellence in medical and chemical research. He actively researched potential drugs with antiseptic properties after watching many soldiers die of sepsis due to infected wounds during World War I.  However, his discovery of penicillin was completely accidental.  Many use penicillin for treating a wide number of ailments as one of the most popular drugs prescribed on the NHS.



Jesse Boot

influential pharmacists

Born: 1850

Died:  1931

Origin:  Nottinghamshire


Although Boots Pharmacy initially started as Jesse’s father’s business, Jesse turned the company into the global phenomenon that it is today.

The initial Boot’s philosophy in 1877 was to provide “health for a shilling,” making it affordable for those on a lower income. The Nottingham store (the first Boots Pharmacy) was incredibly popular among local residents.  Consumers purchased goods at a cheaper price, in bulk, rather than the brand’s competitors.


John Pemberton

influential pharmacists

Born: 1831

Died: 1888

Origin:  Georgia, US


John Pemberton invented one of the most popular drinks to date, Coca-Cola, in order to counteract his own addiction to morphine.  Initially, the drink contained alcohol, kola nut, and damiana and was marketed as a ‘Pemberton’s French Wine Cola’.

However, by 1886 there were increasing concerns about the alcohol content (but oddly, not the cocaine) within popular drinks such as Coca-Cola. Pemberton then decided to experiment with other ingredients such as base syrup and carbonated water.


Hubert Humphrey

influential pharmacists

Born:  1911

Died: 1978

Origin:  South Dakota, US


Of course, with a degree in Pharmacy, the sky is your limit and one man who proved this was American Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Although he never quite made it to presidency, Humphrey not only held a license to practice pharmacy but was also a political force to be reckoned with.

Serving under Lyndon B Johnson, Hubert Humphrey was known for his skepticism over the Vietnam conflict in the late 1960s and his desire for social reform. In 1968 he ran for Presidency and lost – by less than 1% of the popular vote– to Richard Nixon.


*Source: Wikipedia

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