Student Services


CBD College Student Services

CBD College faculty and staff are always available to advise students on academic problems, and, if necessary, provide referrals to special counseling services when required. All efforts will be made to provide a supportive environment to assist each student in maintaining and continuing the program.

CBD College provides free tutorial assistance for students experiencing academic difficulties. Instructors make every effort to identify students in need of assistance. We strongly encourage our students to take the initiative in seeking out-of-class help and to discuss their difficulties with their instructors or Program Director. We want to know how we can help you, so please tell us.

We understand that students may require certain assistance regarding personal issues while attending school. Though CBD College has no dormitory facilities under its control and has no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing, CBD staff maintains information pertaining to local temporary housing as well as child-care facilities, and local transportation. CBD College maintains listings of community resources that are available to all students in the library, the school lobby, and from the Student Services Officer. Those resources include referrals to emergency services. Be sure to check out our resource listings regularly as we regularly add new information as new resources become available.