ABHES Accredited Program.

Surgical Technology

Make a difference in patients’ lives.

Train on your feet with professionals in our state-of-the-art mock surgery centers and get real on-the-job experience through our large network of clinical externship sites so you can be ready to tackle the field after you graduate.

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October 7th

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High demand program

High demand program

 Job security and growth

Job security and growth

Flexible work schedules

Flexible work schedules

Gain valuable skills.

  • Prepare operating rooms for surgical procedures.
  • Sterilize equipment and ensure aseptic technique.
  • Assist surgeons during surgeries by passing instruments and supplies.
  • Anticipate surgeons’ needs and maintain a sterile field.
  • Monitor patient vitals and assist with positioning during procedures.
  • Handle specimens for laboratory analysis.
  • Manage surgical equipment and instruments during procedures.
  • Collaborate with surgical team to ensure efficient and safe surgeries.
A group of CBD College graduates are smiling happily, radiating joy and satisfaction as they celebrate their achievements together. Their smiles reflect the pride and camaraderie shared among them, marking the culmination of their educational journey and the beginning of new opportunities in their respective careers.

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Radiology technician conduct a medical examination of a patient's neck using an ultrasound machine. With precision and expertise, they utilize the technology to capture detailed images, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's condition. The technician proficiency ensures accurate and thorough assessment, contributing to optimal healthcare outcomes.

Attending CBD College has opened so many doors in my life. I got my dream job right after graduation. Thank you so much CBD College!


Alum - Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

A doctor carefully performs an ultrasound examination of a patient's abdomen, utilizing advanced medical technology to visualize internal structures and assess for any abnormalities. With precision and expertise, the doctor maneuvers the ultrasound probe to capture detailed images, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's condition. This non-invasive procedure allows for a thorough assessment of abdominal organs, ensuring comprehensive healthcare delivery.

Attending CBD College started me down a new career path and changed my family's life.


Alum - Physical Therapist Assistant

She aids patients' rehabilitation progress with tailored guidance and therapies.

Going to CBD College marked the beginning of a fresh professional journey for me and had a transformative impact on my family's life.


Alum - Surgical Technology

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