Graduate Spotlight - Adelina Perez - CBD College
Graduate Spotlight - Adelina Perez

Graduate Spotlight - Adelina Perez

February 05, 2019

Meet Adelina Perez – Medical Assistant

Adelina Perez – Medical AssistantTell us more about yourself, you background and what led you to CBD College.

I finished school with a different major and I was looking for something else I could do immediately. I became interested in a Medical Assistant career because I enjoy working with people so I figured; why not work in an industry where I can help people, make a decent living and also be interested in my work? My good friend Janet found CBD College, so we went in and met with Jim Hayes, who is the Director of Admissions. He was so motivating! I was worried that starting school again at my age may not be the best idea, but Jim assured me that I would do well in the program regardless of my age.

What was CBD College like when you started?

It was actually much better than I expected! It is such a small campus, so I thought it would be far less organized. I went to a similar college previously, so I was expecting a lack in resources, limited access to academic needs and disorganization. Obviously, I found out I was wrong because once I started everything I needed was provided in a timely manner, the curriculum was updated and interesting, and the necessary resources were readily available.

Tell us about your current job.

Well, Marcy Argote in Career Services helped me find a site that would suit me, so after interviewing I eventually got a job at the Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Center. Some of my daily responsibilities are handling patient intake, rooming, front and back office management and I also run with doctors which means I accompany them when they round on patients and assist the doctor with whatever they need. We also do Cosmetics and Surgical procedures where I work, so I get to assist with these by handling instruments, helping them with sutures, or CT scanning.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job? The most interesting?

Being with the patients and the doctors, working as a team to help patients feel better is what I enjoy the most. The team work atmosphere and patient interaction are what I find the most fulfilling in my job.

What is your most memorable moment at CBD College?

My most memorable moment at CBD is when I wanted to quit! I wanted to quit more than anything, and my instructor, Mrs. Rodriguez wouldn’t let me. I was so exhausted, I missed my children, and I felt like life kept getting in the way. Mrs. R helped me realize that no matter what chapter of life I am living, life is always going to get in the way and cause distractions and obstacles. So whether I decided to quit then and continue later, or continue then and achieve my goal sooner, I wasn’t going to use life an excuse. So I chose to continue my education, be-cause of the support I received from my teachers and class-mates. Mrs. R noticed when I lost my motivation and stopped acting like myself, and she talked to me about it and encouraged me to do what was right for myself.

Who or what is your greatest influence or inspiration?

My friend and classmate Janet. She was my #1 motivator in every aspect. We both made sure we held each other accountable to be on time and at our best for class. Being at CBD College together definitely made our friendship stronger, just by helping each other through each day, every test, final or presentation. By pushing each other and refusing to fail together, our friendship and determination grew stronger.

What is your motto?

Whatever your goal is, if you work hard enough for it, you can achieve it. Go out and get it! The only one stopping you is yourself.

Now that you have graduated and are working in the field as a Medical Assistant, how do you feel?

Now that I’m out of school and focusing on just work and my family, I feel accomplished and excited for the future. After CBD College, I know that I am exactly where I want to be.

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