Graduate Spotlight - Valeria Luna, Medical Assistant - CBD College
Graduate Spotlight - Valeria Luna, Medical Assistant

Graduate Spotlight - Valeria Luna, Medical Assistant

April 25, 2019

Graduate Success Spotlight – Valeria Luna, Medical Assistant 

Tell us more about yourself, your background and what led you to CBD College.

I’m a full time mom of two beautiful children. I have always been interested in the medical field and had previously been attending another school that shut down, so I was going through a difficult time. I was left with all these federal loans and unanswered questions with nowhere to go. I had no idea what I was supposed to do when my school shut down and starting over seemed like such an impossible thing. I was seeing advertisements for CBD College and was intrigued by the Medical Assistant Program ads I had been seeing. I was watching all of the videos online and noticed how hands on the instructors were with the students, and how the school had lots of resources to help with all aspects of becoming a medical professional. So I thought, why not apply?

What was CBD College like when you started?

I met with my Admissions Representative and I was able to start right away. My first day as a student at CBD College was amazing. My instructors were all so awesome from the very beginning. When I applied, the Financial Aid department helped me go through my loans and gave me step by step direction on what to do. Thanks to them, I got rid of all of my Federal Loans. Ms. A, my Program Director and my Instructor, Ms. R were both so welcoming and passionate about what they were teaching. Right away we went into learning injections and Phlebotomy, which is definitely one of my strengths and interests so I was very excited to be jumping right into this kind of skill. This kind of on campus and classroom environment was exactly what I needed to be able to succeed.

Tell us about your current job.

My current job as a Medical Assistant at The Orthohealing Center has many roles. We do so many procedures in the office like Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy, P.R.P. (Platelet Rich Plasma), Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and many more. I am involved with almost every procedure we do in the office, and because of my training at CBD I am confident in my skills, and always looking to learn more.

What do you find most interesting about your job? Most fulfilling?

What I find most interesting about my job is the environment. When I started out at Ortho Healing Center I was very overwhelmed. However, from the very start everyone in the office was patient with me and treated me as if I were family. I was trained properly, all my questions were answered and everyone offered their help whenever I needed guidance. What I find the most fulfilling about my job is the connection with patients. We work very hard to make sure our patients are as happy and healthy as possible, so when they show their appreciation it makes me feel very fulfilled. I have patients who always remember my name, who hug me when they come in and when they leave, and those who genuinely thank me for just doing my job. Seeing these patients happy is the most fulfilling part of my job.

What is your most memorable moment at CBD College?

There are too many to choose from! I remember all the Student Appreciation Days, the MA class potlucks and the Career Edge sessions that taught me everything I needed to know in order to get hired in this field. The most memorable moment I have from my time on campus would be when we planned and threw one of my classmates a baby shower. That was a very special occasion that I’m not sure would happen at any other school.

Who or What is your greatest influence/inspiration?

My three greatest academic influencers are Ms. Aguilar, Ms. Rodriguez and Marcy. Each of them really inspired me to be my absolute best on campus, during my externship, when I graduated and when I actually started my career. Their guidance and support is still with me everyday. My greatest inspiration in my life would be my family. Every member of my family has inspired me to to follow my passions and become the best version of myself that I can be. No matter how little sleep I got, how much studying I was doing or how overwhelmed I felt, all of the people supporting me would influence me to keep going.

What is your motto?

Live confidently and respectfully. Confidence is key to achieving dreams and making things happen in life. Respect is important for all relationships in every aspect. If you treat people and also yourself with respect, the world will respond better.

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