10 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Medical Assistant
Career Moves: 10 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Medical Assistant

Career Moves: 10 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Medical Assistant

September 05, 2019

Are you tired of the daily grind of your current job? Do you wish there was something you could do that was more fulfilling with better pay and hours? It’s not a myth, but the reality of life as a Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistants help with patient care and assist physicians and other medical professionals with both administrative and clinical duties. This unique blend of skills provides entry-level Medical Assistants the opportunity to become a vital asset to quality patient care.

Are you interested in becoming a Medical Assistant but are unsure if it’s the career path for you? We’re here to help! Here are 10 reasons why you should become a Medical Assistant.

1. The Job Market is Growing

Medical Assistant employment is expected to grow 29% by 2026, which is faster than average. As the population continues to age, demand for medical services will continue to grow. Physicians will hire more Medical Assistants to allow them to see more patients.

The number of healthcare facilities will also continue to increase and bring in more job prospects. Therefore, the job outlook for Medical Assistants is great.

2. The Salary is Great

On average, Medical Assistants make $17 per hour, which is much higher than the minimum wage. Depending on your current salary, this can be a life-altering wage increase. And with the right experience and education, you’ll make even more money.

3. It’s a Stable Career

Becoming a Medical Assistant offers a very stable career path. These jobs have low turnover and low unemployment.

This is partially thanks to the favorable employment outlook. Because the market for this career is growing so quickly, there will also be plenty of job options available to you.

4. There are Many Places to Work

Medical Assistants can work in a variety of outpatient clinic settings. And since all cities have healthcare facilities, you’ll always be able to find work. So if you suddenly need to move, you won’t have to worry about being out of work for too long.

5. There are Many Advancement Opportunities

Once you’re a certified Medical Assistant, it’s easy to find advancement opportunities. You’ll gain a variety of technical and soft skills that will make you competitive in any field if you want to move.

Many Medical Assistants advance to office managers. But it’s also easy to use your skills to transfer to another healthcare field. For example, learning to draw blood or perform basic tests can be helpful throughout the healthcare field.

6. You Won’t Be Bored

Becoming a Medical Assistant means never sitting around staring at a computer screen in a cubicle ever again. You’ll rarely be sitting still as a Medical Assistant. So if you’re looking for something sedentary and easy, this isn’t the position for you.

Staying busy means that time flies while you’re working. In the beginning, every day will bring a new, exciting medical procedure for you to learn. And you won’t feel like you’re taking up space, you’ll feel like you’re needed.

7. You’ll Feel Pride in Your Work

Becoming a Medical Assistant offers a strong sense of personal fulfillment. Like many positions in the healthcare industry, you’ll work with patients from all ages and walks of life; that means you’ll work up close and personal with the people who need your help the most.

That means directing patients throughout their appointments and taking them where they need to go. It means that interpersonal skills are very important. But it means that the social interactions will be that much more rewarding.

8. Medical Assistant Programs are Fast

Most Medical Assistant programs take less than one year. CBD College offers a program that you can complete in as little as 41 weeks. So instead of the years it takes to become a physician, you could work in the healthcare field in less than one!

These programs offer work and laboratory experience, so you’ll get an idea of how the job looks before you start. It’ll also help prepare for your certification exam. Then, our career services department will help you find job placement after graduation.

9. You’ll Learn Useful Skills

Becoming a Medical Assistant means learning a host of skills that will help you out in any future career path as well as in your daily life. You’ll perfect your communication and listening skills as you work with patients every day. And those customer service skills can help you deal with difficult individuals you may have to interact with outside of the workplace.

You’ll also learn some basic medical skills that can be lifesaving in an emergency situation. There will be techniques and tools you use to assist healthcare professionals. And you will learn medical and anatomical terminology.

Finally, becoming a Medical Assistant will sharpen your senses. You’ll become more perceptive of others’ moods and reactions. You’ll also be more sensitive to discomfort and distress.

10. You Can Specialize or Generalize

Medical Assistants have a variety of areas in which they can specialize. By working in a larger clinic, you can specialize in a department that interests you, like oncology or pediatrics. That way, you can really get to know the field of medicine that interests you the most.

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