Faculty Spotlight – Natalie Davis - CBD College
Faculty Spotlight – Natalie Davis

Faculty Spotlight – Natalie Davis

January 27, 2023

Faculty Spotlight – Natalie Davis, General Education Instructor

Natalie Davis, General Education Instructor- CBDHave you always worked in Education?

Yes, mostly, though I was not always teaching! I’ve held Director and Compliance positions within educational organizations in addition to my teaching career. These jobs were great for expanding my understanding of education policy and the inner workings of both public and private education. However, I was never completely satisfied with that work! Once I nestled into a Physics teaching position, I knew that was what I was meant to do because I get much fulfillment working directly with students. 

What specifically is your role here at CBD College?

I am a GE instructor for the MRI, DMS, and ST programs. I teach Physics for MRI and DMS, and Math for ST in the online setting. More generally, I like to think my role is to help provide that science and math foundation. Our students need that foundation in order to understand and feel confident with the technology that they will be working with every day in their new medical careers. 

When did you start working at CBD College?

I’m a CBD College newbie! I started working in June of 2022 after I moved from California to Bellingham, Washington. 

Before working at CBD College, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I had an internship at Intel Corporation during a summer in college. At the time, I was studying Computer Science before I switched my major to Physics. I had a neat job that had me create graphics testing procedures for PC video games. It was a fun gig to play all the newest video games at work and get paid for it!

Who is your greatest inspiration or mentor?

I was lucky to have some amazing teachers and professors in my time as a student. I credit them for sparking my interest in science and math. Today, I am inspired by my CBD College students and colleagues. I look forward to our Live sessions when I get to interact with our students. I learn as much from them as they do from me. Our students keep me on my toes and it’s just fun work! We also have an incredible GE team of caring, hard-working instructors and it’s no doubt an inspiration to work with this team! 

What do you find most inspiring or fulfilling about your job?

What I love is being able to work with such a diverse group of driven students. Some of my students are just starting their first career, while others are pursuing a career change. It’s so cool to be part of everyone’s journey. I have the upmost respect for anyone already in or pursuing a career in healthcare. It’s an honor to work with my students. 

Do you have any advice for potential students interested in pursuing a career as a healthcare professional?

Though I have not been a healthcare professional myself, I can relate to seeking work that helps others. There is so much fulfillment and purpose to gain! It might be hard, but hard things are often worth doing. If you’re unhappy with your current job or career, you can absolutely change it, and my advice is to nudge yourself in that direction! One nudge is the first step to new beginnings. 

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