7 Reasons to Attend a Non-Profit Career College

Published - March 9, 2017

Here’s why CBD College is Your Best Choice

The best part about earning a degree or diploma is that you are now free to realize your life’s passion.  For CBD College students, that may range anywhere from Diagnostic Ultrasound to Medical Assisting.  Now more than ever, those pursuing further education are looking towards non-profit healthcare career colleges to secure their futures.  Whether just out of high school or looking for a career change after 15 years, there are many reasons to  attend a non-profit Career College.  Here are our favorite 7.

  1. It is less expensive for you.

Average tuition cost at for-profit colleges is $31,000 after grants vs. $26,600 for non-profit colleges.

  1. The programs are flexible to your schedule.

A career school in not only a kind of educational institute, but a place where students gain industry experience.  Career colleges offer opportunities to a various range of students from different backgrounds and lifestyles.  Class times are flexible (CBD College offers day and night classes), which is perfect for students with jobs or children.  Even if you already like your job and simply want to learn a new skill or further your career, a career college can significantly boost your abilities.

  1. Smaller class sizes mean you get more one-on-one time.

It is harder to learn in a crowd.  So most career colleges have class sizes that are smaller than public institutions- sometimes as few as a dozen. Labs specifically mirror the field.  Auditoriums benefit the smaller class sizes.  This allows for teamwork, really bonding and learning with peers, and a tighter connection with and access to instructors.  It also allows students of a particular course to interact with students from other courses. The staff and faculty focus on every student to offer personalized attention and to enable proper learning experiences and growth.

  1. 7 Reasons to Attend a Non-Profit Career CollegeYour instructors have experience in your field of study.

Instructors at traditional four-year colleges cater to career educators, while, on the other hand, instructors at career colleges usually work or have worked in their respective fields.  Not only do they teach, but students gain a better understanding of job expectations from their instructors.

  1. You get a shorter, focused curriculum.

Curriculums update based on the current state of the industry provided by advisory committees.   The focused coursework and career dedication makes it all possible.  Many career college programs are much shorter than 4-year degree programs from universities and colleges near you. Career colleges that offer medicine career paths are completed anywhere between 9 and 22 months, depending on the career in which you are interested.  Students have the option of beginning training nearly any time of the year, rather than just January and September like most 4-year universities.  It is important to review programs and their length before selecting one that is right for you.

  1. You get hands on, practical experience.

Instead of a “lecture- based” and theory education, career colleges provide more hands-on, practical training to fit the exact career you are interested in upon completing your degree. Practical training helps to provide real-time experience in the field and industry you have the most interest in.  Today’s employers award jobs to those who already have experience and specific training. By attending a career college, you eliminate the extra step of having to attend a vocational school after you have already earned a degree in a general major.

  1. It increases your chance to join the workforce faster.

If you are eager to get started and have a busy schedule, career colleges concentrate in accelerated programs so students may graduate and join the workforce faster than at a four-year college.  This  allows time for students to learn from soft skill programs.  These are the necessary skills and knowledge they need for building their careers.  CBD College also provides networking events twice a year.  This is a great way for you to branch out professionally and potentially land a new job.  CBD College’s placement rates generally fall above 70-85% depending on the program, which means you are more likely to find a job faster than those who graduate from a traditional four-year college.  Find out what sets CBD College apart from other colleges and 4-year universities. To learn more about degree programs at CBD College call 213-427-2200.


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