8 Ways to Love CBD College

Published - April 11, 2017

Stand Out, Speak Up, and Make the Best Choice with our 8 Ways to Love CBD College!

  1. Take advantage of tutoring opportunities.

Tutoring hours vary based on the program, but one thing is for sure: it’s a great way to boost grades.  To find an instructor’s tutoring hours, talk to them first or ask your department head.  Many college students also find study groups to be a valuable part of the college experience.  Study groups allow students the chance to get to know one another while working through certain subjects.  Groups meet in the Student Lounge or the Student Resource Center near the textbooks and are usually student organized!make the most out of your time at CBD College

  1. Find your study space. Utilize campus facilities while you can.

Home might not be the best environment in which to do your homework and studying.  CBD offers so much when it comes to places to study.  The Student Resource Center has couches, armchairs, and tables for nearly any kind of studying and is open until 7 pm on weekdays.  Scope out the library, and take advantage of the labs that are open throughout the week while instructors are available.  It will be easier for you to concentrate and retain information if you are productive in a place conducive to creativity and focus.

  1. Attend extracurricular lectures and seminars.

Take advantage of unique opportunities to meet and learn something new from guest speakers.  Even the more famous of guest speakers who talk on college campuses are willing to shake hands and answer questions after their talk.  Check out your school’s calendar of upcoming events and get a group of students from your program to attend an event with you. Lots of professors will even offer extra credit if you can prove you attended.

  1. Talk to other students and develop your network.

make the most out of your time at CBD CollegeResist the urge to hide in your textbooks!  Now is the time to make some lifelong friends.  You don’t have to be a master comedian or the world’s most interesting person.  Just try talking to other students in your class or program.  You might be surprised how many other people out there share your interests and hobbies and are just too afraid to say hi.  These are the same people you’ll be in the field with after college.  Really listen and form quality friendships through selfless gestures and introduce these new friends to your social circle.  Make time for things other than studying.  Learning how to socialize is an extremely important skill you must learn and college is the best place to learn it.

  1. Always go to your classes

Go to class.  Spending money on classes and not going is like throwing it cash out the window. Plus, teachers provide valuable information in class that will be on your exams. Just go to class.

  1. Talk to your profs during and after college.

Here’s another reason you should go to class. Your professors will definitely notice if they never see you and you want to build strong relationships with them. Go to their office hours as well. You can start by talking about the course material but the goal is to eventually get to know them as a mentor.  Instructors have and are valuable resources for college and beyond.  Get to know your professors before they get too busy to know you, and be sure to thank them.

  1. Exercise and eat well.make the most out of your time at CBD College

When you take care of yourself by eating foods from every food group and exercising regularly, you generally feel better and get sick less often (which helps with tip #7).  Skipping out on fruits and veggies? Not only is that terrible for your body, but it also promotes poor eating habits that could continue to affect you throughout your life.  Take care of yourself (and your body) and you’ll be much better off handling everything life throws your way.

  1. Get involved

The easiest way to practice is in class and participating in college activities.  Get involved through volunteer work, social awareness, or anything that you’re passionate about.  Make your voice heard!


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