Published - December 9, 2016


Winter Break is almost here for CBD College with the last day of classes being held December 23rd.  What’s approaching even faster is the return of students and faculty: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017!  Now is the time to plan for a successful new year and new you.  Consider these perks when choosing to get a college degree.

9 Benefits of Earning a College Degree in 2017

1. You Will Earn More Money

A college graduate earns more than a non-graduate.  Plain and simple.  Studies have shown that there is an average of $25,000 earnings difference between grads and non-grads.  Furthermore, this gap is widening every year.  The bottom line is that pursuing a degree increases the ability to find work in the same field, increasing experience and earning potential.

college degree
…Come the day you get your degree!

2. You Will Be More Attractive to Employers

On top of field training, college requires analytical and critical thinking, organization skills, and the ability to see a project through from start to finish.  These proficiencies qualify graduates for a flexible range of employment in fields that offer more job openings, more upward mobility, and a lifetime of open doors.  Additionally, employers find that graduates exhibit a keen team-player attitude, strong decision-making, communication and an innate sense of self-discipline in a professional environment.

3. You Will Have Better Job Security and Satisfaction

College grads don’t just want a job to pay the bills, they want a career where they’ll feel more satisfied and secure.  Studies have recently shown that compared to non-grads, college graduates holding a position in teaching or the medical field are less to likely to be laid off during recession.  Factors including higher income, employment benefits, and opening doors would be why 60 percent of college graduates enjoy, find interest, and are inspired by their jobs.  Plus, they are on average three times as happy when they report job satisfaction.

4. You Will Be Better Equipped to Handle Adversity

Today’s college graduates are earning their degrees in an economic downturn.  They can weather any form of hardship.  Employment rates of those with degrees increased by two percent in the first quarter of 2010, despite the recession, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Population Survey.  Every other group saw numbers decline, with one in five losing their existing jobs compared to the one in one hundred of those with degrees.

5. You Build a Network

Attending an accredited college is a certain way to get in touch with fellow peers and alumni looking to fill open positions and achieve the same sort of success in the same career.  In the right learning environment, socializing becomes the new job recommendation, which leads to better opportunities with a good support system.

college degree
Build a network amongst peers.

6. You Will Benefit Yourself and Your Family 

Earning a degree allows a graduate opportunities which provide better rewards, including but not limited to health care, retirement investment, and travel.  Depending on a graduate’s position, these advantages add up to more than take-home pay, and this can make a vital difference, especially regarding healthcare for a family.  Historically, families of college graduates are generally better off economically and socially.  Degree holders have lower unemployment and consequently lower poverty rates, are more likely to read to their kids, and are twice as likely to be active in furthering their children’s higher education.

7. You Install a Down-Payment On Your Future

By attending college, graduates are locking down their own success.  The cost of not going to college is rising, so much so that nine out of ten graduates are raving about the benefits they are reaping from the investment.  Their own children are more likely to attend college with the future that their parents have secured, and they are less likely to live below the poverty line.

8. You Become Empowered and Create a Stronger Sense of Self 

Besides a depth of knowledge in a field of study, graduates have a better understanding of responsibilities which impact their day-to-day existence: comprehending  important contracts, understanding  how the markets influence retirement, and managing personal and familial finances.  Those with a college education find themselves empowered to be more in control of their life.  The amount of pride and self-worth found in obtaining a degree is enough for many to find agency to change their circumstances, ultimately transforming their society.

9. You Will Be Happier Overall

There are almost too many health benefits in achieving a degree!  Where to begin? The likelihood of depression is reduced; the drive to exercise is boosted; the likelihood of becoming obese or have obese children is reduced; graduates are 70% less likely to have never smoked, and around 20% are trying or have already quit; degree holders are two and a half times more likely to vote; grads live, on average, nine years longer than those who don’t graduate from high school; they donate money and time to organizations more than those who haven’t sought out higher education, helping the youths and coming to the aid of religious groups.

college degree
All smiles during Graduation!

Whether you’re currently a student at CBD College or you’re looking to begin your vocational career on the right foot, there are many ways to get the most out of your career.  Take pride in your school, and prepare for your future.  Click here to learn more about CBD College.


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