Tips on Applying for Jobs Without Experience

Published - February 7, 2018

CBD College’s Top  5 Tips on Applying for Jobs Without Experience

If you’re just out of college or embarking on a new career path, probably the most intimidating aspect of finding a job is coming up with relevant experience—because you have little to none.  Job searching without much work experience can be frustrating; employers will tell you that you need more experience, but how are you supposed to get it if no one will hire you?  How do you demonstrate to an employer that your skills, education, and experience are relevant to the job at hand?  It is essential to highlight the skills and abilities you already possess that are directly transferable across to the position you are applying for. You need to demonstrate that you have the ability and desire to constantly learn new skills, as well as have a strong commitment to self-leadership and, in turn, self-improvement.Whether you’re a recent graduate or a stay-at-home parent re-entering the workforce, here are 5 tips on applying for jobs without experience.

Ultimately, hone in on the reasons you’re interested in the role and company for a reason.  Do some research on the company, and find a way to tie your life and educational experiences in with something awesome it has done.  Remember, employers know you’re just starting out, which means your biggest hurdle and advantage is conveying your  “experience” and how you use the lessons you’ve learned in life as a solid foundation to get started.


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