Is a Career in the Medical Field right for you?

Published - February 28, 2014

When it comes to choosing a new career, few fields are as exciting or fulfilling as the medical field. You’ll get the satisfaction of helping people while making a great salary. Medical career colleges in Los Angeles, such as CBD College can help you prepare for your exciting new job.

Range of Pay

When you choose your career path, salary will be an important consideration. The medical field offers many different options that come with great pay and benefits. Medical assistant programs in Los Angeles can prepare you for a job with a starting salary that ranges between $30,000 and $42,000, while Physical Therapist Assistants can make an average of $60,000. No matter which field you choose, you will be able to make a livable salary while doing a job you love.

Increasing Demand

There is always a need for trained medical personnel, especially for medical assistants. Doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, surgical facilities, and urgent care centers are always looking for certified, trained medical assistants.

Better Job Opportunities

When searching for medical career colleges in Los Angeles, you want to go into a field that can provide great job opportunities. While some degrees and training certificates give you the educational background to do a job, the field you choose may not have a large number of jobs available. Medical assistant jobs and other positions in the medical field have better-than-average job opportunities. The prospects for medical assistants alone are staggering, with the career outpacing other industries by nearly 30 percent* Not only is there a demand for your skills now; the demand will continue to grow.

Job Satisfaction

Working in the medical field can be challenging at times, but the true benefit of this career path is the overall potential for job satisfaction. You will have access to jobs that allow you to help people. You’ll be responsible for providing care and the personal touches that doctors may not always have the time to offer all their patients; you will have a sense of fulfillment.

Our medical assistant programs prepare you for long-term success in a field that is exciting and in demand. You will enjoy working closely with patients and colleagues alike, and getting the satisfaction that only comes with a career in the medical field.

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