Career Services Hosts Job Fair

Published - March 23, 2017

SoCal Healthcare Employers Visit and Interview CBD College Students

CBD College and Career Services hosted its semi-annual CBD College Career Fair on February 9th from 10 AM- 2 PM.  Employers from all over Southern California met with students and answered their questions.  Quite a few employers were looking to hire graduates and interview for internships from CBD’s six in-demand programs.  Many were impressed with the knowledge, skills and professional qualities that CBD students and alumni had to offer.

career services hosts job fairThirteen companies attended the Career Fair, with a few representing each program.  This included employers looking to hire newer students for internships and recent graduates to begin their career path.  The employers filled the entire space of the GE Room, explaining their company’s values and mission, as well as information on open positions.  A few employers brought giveaways, mints, and candies for students who took a special interest in their booth.  This was a crucial chance for students to div e in and meet future employers and get a taste of the job search process.

CBD Students Show Off Their Hard and Soft Skills

Candidates registered and waited anxiously for their turn to showcase their skills.  Students from the different programs dressed in their best scrubs or interview attire.  Many had their well-worked résumé in hand.  Career Services was present to offer aid in finding “survival jobs” as well as résumé writing assistance.  Any student may bring any resume they already have (or do not have), and either work from the ground up or make revisions as necessary by making an appointment with Emmy, Kisha, or Dominique in Career Services at the Student Center.  They even do résumé printing in house for students who need it.

Students Affairs also had a spot reserved to help current and graduated students with family and child care, counseling, and housing resources. Current students were also able to apply for the new Student Carpool career services hosts job fairProgram. Interested carpoolers may still apply with Student Affairs: Ivan, Janai and Alyssa.

Career Services would like to thank the employers and students who came out to this February’s Career Fair.  All in all, the event was a huge success with interviews and information sessions and equal appreciation of CBD College’s students.  Career Services is looking forward to another successful turnout of students for the next Fair this summer. With the crucial first step of attending CBD College’s Career Fairs, students are taking control of their future after CBD.  Congrats!

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