CBD Career Edge is Here!

Published - November 17, 2016

CBD students now have one more tool to add to their kit of stethoscopes, needles, and thermometers

Career Services is taking a new approach to preparing students for their future careers by implementing CBD Career Edge, into the curriculum.

Okay, but what is Career Edge?

Firstly, this job training software system is designed to:

  • give CBD students the edge to set them apart
  • ready them to secure the job they want
  • put them a step ahead of their competition

Each module — and for the ST program, every other module — will conduct workshops on various professional development topics using the sections embedded in the software.  There are ten sections:

  1. Getting to Know Yourself
  2. Managing Change and Your Attitudecareer edge
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Communication and Networking
  5. Today’s Job Search Strategies
  6. Branding: Resume, Cover Letter and Job Application
  7. Preparing for the Interview
  8. The Interview Process
  9. Answering Difficult Questions
  10. On the Job Success

Furthermore, each section contains access to the Career Edge workbook, as well as training videos and exercises.

What about my resume?

When you log in to cbdcollegeedge.com , there is a “resume builder” section. In this section, students will be able to create and save multiple versions of their resume. This section guides students through each step of the resume process and even offers suggestions for their “qualifications/skills” section as well as suggestions for various job descriptions. Students will be able to select one of the four resume templates where their information will be transferred to. The template they select can be downloaded as a Word document where the students/graduates will have the ability to make changes/updates.

How can my resume be accessible online for employers/ clinical sites?

Another feature of CBD Career Edge is your very own ePortfolio which will include:

  • a photo of the student/graduate
  • their contact information
  • their resume
  • a section about themselves
  • awards received
  • a references section
  • and a brief video clip to introduce themselves and their strengths to prospective employers/clinical sites career edge sections
    The ePortfolio ultimately gives the students/graduates the opportunity to be marketed to prospective employers/clinical sites. CBD Career Edge allows the students/graduates to include their CBD Career Edge ePortfolio URL into their resumes so that when employers click on the link, it will direct them to the ePortfolio’s of each student/graduate, similarly to how people commonly include their LinkedIn URL’s in their resumes. We will also be directing our network of employers to ePortfolio’s of our students/graduates.

Where can I find and apply for jobs within my program?

Last but not least, CBD Career Edge contains a job board. The job board will include job leads for recent graduates as well as more experienced graduates (CBD graduates will always have access to CBD Career Edge). Additionally, the job board will include “survival jobs” (generally part-time employment opportunities outside of the healthcare industry to support students while going through their programs). Each program will have their very own job board.

If you’re a student and do not have a Career Edge account, e-mail Lakisha (lakisha@cbd.edu)  or Emmy (emmy@cbd.edu), and stop by their offices in  Career Services.

To learn more about CBD College or to schedule an appointment, call 213-472-2200 or fill out the form at right!

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