CBD College Career Paths: About Occupational Therapy Assistants

Published - July 28, 2014

CBD is a leading career college in Los Angeles offering a wide range of medical programs designed to train you quickly and effectively towards a successful and rewarding career. Because we’re always looking for opportunities to expand our offerings to students, new programs are continually being added that reflect job market demand and provide a path for growth.

With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the addition of an Associate’s Degree Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. If you’re unfamiliar with the role of an occupational therapy assistant, here’s a quick overview:

The Role

Occupational therapy assistants work alongside occupational therapists as they help patients recover from injuries or illness to reclaim control over their lives. It is the hard work of an occupational therapist, backed by a talented assistant, that enables patients to re-learn necessary skills for daily life and work. Based on labor statistics, the demand for OTA’s is expected to grow 43% from 2012 to 2022, making it an excellent field for anyone looking for new opportunities.

The Responsibilities

If you’re interested in becoming an occupational therapy assistant, you’ll need to understand the responsibilities associated with the role. Occupational therapy assistants help with patient recovery, rehabilitation exercises, instructing patients on the proper use of rehabilitation equipment, and recording progress for the occupational therapist. Additionally, assistants may be responsible for some of the therapist’s administrative tasks. Assistants develop deep personal connections with the patients they assist and interpersonal skills are a big bonus.

For more information about occupational therapy and the work of an occupational therapist assistant please visit www.CBD.edu or contact us at 877.770.4CBD with any questions.

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