CBD College Celebrates National Pancake Day

Published - April 4, 2017

CBD College Goes All Out for National Pancake Day!

national pancake day
DMS loves pancakes so much they finished their before we could take a picture!

In what was a first for the non-profit career school, CBD College treated students to pancakes on National Pancake Day, Tuesday, March 6th.  Student Affairs, Career Services, Admissions, and Faculty flipped flapjacks and served up plates of cakes for to morning and night classes– almost 400 students!  The Student Resource Center converted into a Pancake House for the day.  Overall, it was a celebration of CBD College’s students’ hard work with delicious pancakes and syrup-y goodness.

It is almost hard to believe National Pancake Day was in jeopardy early that morning.  At first, the Student Resource Center lost power to their four hot griddles!  With some quick thinking by Program Directors and heroic Staff, the skillets were up and running on full heat.  CBD cranked out pancakes for nearly 300 students that morning and also 100 students that night.  Ultimately, students took a well-deserved break from class and enjoyed their hot pancakes and syrup in the sweet smelling Student Center.  Additionally, CBD College caught the live action on Snapchat and Instagram.

CBD College and Student Affairs look forward to celebrating National Pancake Day and students every year.  The griddles will be fired up and ready to go.


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