CBD Gives Back 2017: A Year in Review

Published - January 13, 2018

2017 brought many opportunities for CBD College to host a variety of ways for the campus to give back.  From Alexandria House to the Keep a Breast Foundation to the American Red Cross and more, CBD College students, faculty and staff not only talk the talk but walk the walk.  The school takes pride in being a non-profit healthcare career college, serving the community through CBD Gives Back.

Alexandria House

cbd gives back 2017
CBD Gives Back worked hand–in–hand with the CBD College Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.  Their goal: raise funds for their non-profit organization of choice, Alexandria House.  Each Wednesday in the month of April, OTA students took shifts in between class running a school-wide bake sale.  They stocked their cart with treats, snacks, coffee and energy drinks.  The total funds raised from the school by the end of the month totaled $500.

Program Director Mary Kay Wolfe, OTA Student Rep Jake Argyris, and the CBD College Student Affairs team visited Alexandria House May 3rd with their financial gift.  CBD College began this journey thinking it a chance to learn more about the transitional residence.  They quickly determined a mutual need for a long-lasting relationship.  So far the college campus held a Back–to–School supply drive and a successful toy drive for the children and teens of Alexandria House.  The CBD family looks forward to many more fundraising efforts.

Keep a Breast Foundation

cbd gives back 2017
CBD College also paired with the Keep A Breast Foundation for the Month of October.  In doing so, they spread awareness for breast cancer prevention.  The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) is a nonprofit organization based right here in Los Angeles.  Their mission: empower young people around the world with breast health education, advocacy, and support.  They remain in many countries all around the world as well.  As per CBD College’s partnership with KAB,  the college pledges to raise $5,000 for the non-profit organization this year.

In addition to cash and credit donations, the CBD College Student Affairs team also sells Keep A Breast Gear, including Keep A Breast T-shirts, backpacks, wristbands, and pullover fleece.   All proceeds from that merchandise go to the Keep A Breast Foundation.   For a limited time, CBD College Spirit Days allows students the option to wear the Keep A Breast gear.  Merchandise prices start at $1 and go to $20.

American Red Cross

cbd gives back 2017
With many natural disasters occurring so close to home,   CBD College ramped up their commitment to the American Red Cross as well!  They held a separate fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims, donating $5,000 total.  During three separate blood drives, CBD College set a goal of 40 pints of blood collected.   During the last one this past November, not only did they meet their goal, CBD College exceeded it!  Altogether, CBD College donated 42 pints of blood!  That’s up to 123 lives, and nearly 400 this year!  Stay tuned for a chance to roll up your sleeves and donate!  CBD’s next 12 hour blood drive begins at 8 AM, January 18th.  Download the app and say you’ll be there!

Overall, CBD College thrives on community, and the greatest way of showing thanks is by giving back.  They look forward to their continued partnership and participation with reputable and ingenious non-profits.  As for the students and staff, they can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for CBD College.



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