CBD Gives Back: Food Drive Final Count

Published - December 14, 2016

food drive final countCBD Gives Back to Fight Hunger and Give Hope!

CBD College hosted its first ever Thanksgiving Food Drive in support of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.  They accepted all donations from the beginning of November to just before Turkey Day.  The entire school participated in touching the lives of lower-income families.  Of course, the bins were filled to the brim.  The lobby overflowed with their canned goods and non-perishables.  The Food Drive Final Count signals CBD’s annual partnership with the LA Food Bank

Another Reason CBD is So Proud of Its School

Donation bins were stationed in the Student Lounge, Lobby, and the Career Services for students, faculty, and staff to place their non-perishable food bank items.  Contributors thought outside the box when searching their pantries, shelves, and grocery stores.  The college saw a range of items from canned beans and fruit, to tuna, chow mien, taco shells, and even baby food.  Student Affairs cataloged the nearly month long event across all social media platforms.  Check out the well doers in action and follow us on Instagram

The Food Drive Final Count!

The food drive served as a keen reminder that even during these turbulent times, giving with a gracious heart is the most important part of the season.  Ultimately, the vision of the LA Food Bank is to end hunger for every person in Los Angeles County, providing healthy alternatives for those with limited financial resources.  CBD set a hefty, 300 pound goal for its first round, but the food drive final count came to 587 pounds.  This accomplishment is  therefore a testament to the students’ giving spirit.  The school can’t wait to beat its record next year!

Partnering with the LA Food BankFood Drive Final Count

All donations were directly donated to the Food Bank, serving its 600 partnering agencies throughout Los Angeles County.  CBD’s donations help feed over 320,000 people a month and more than 400,000 children a year!  Click here to find more ways to get involved with the Food Bank

How is CBD Giving Back?

The college plans to continue its community service outreach with a new project each month as part of the CBD Gives Back program.  E-mail comments and suggestions to continue the program at studentaffairs@cbd.edu.  Additionally, you send your own photos and videos for CBD Gives Back to pic@cbd.edu, and be sure to tag your photos on social media with #CBDGivesBack


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