Conquer Your Job Search Before Thanksgiving

Published - November 8, 2017

Top 5 Tips to Push Through Your Healthcare Job Search Before Turkey Day!

If you’re a CBD College student, you’re familiar with Career Edge.  That means you have the best tools and practices to conquer your job search.  It’s advice best exercised that the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are a great time to find your next employment opportunity. Here are CBD College’s five favorite tips to optimize your healthcare job search before the holidays.  (and then have your fill of turkey and pumpkin pie).

1. Double down on sending out resumes and networking!

conquer your job search before thanksgiving
Someone is always having a career fair, so be adamant about networking online.  Follow up with peers and reconnect with old classmates.  Polish up your resume and cover letter and make sure your CBD College Career Edge Portfolio looks fantastic.  Make these weeks count!

2. Do your research!

Be clear about exactly what position you’re seeking (and ensure that your resume reflects it to best advantage).   You can always ask for advice at CBD College Career Services to ensure that your resume will get you that all-important first interview. Give them a call or send an e-mail by clicking on the link!  Once you’ve scheduled an interview, really dive into your prospective employers website so that your questions and answers highlight the immediate, positive contributions you can make to their company.

3. Practice your interviewing skills with friends and family!

Conduct “role play” sessions before cranberry sauce is served, and have your loved ones ask you questions in an interview-style format. You’ll become more comfortable and be able to anticipate the kind of questions potential employers might pose.

4. Are there any gaps in your skill set?

What “value add” can you offer that will tip the employment scales in your favor?  If there are any gaps in your skill set, consider using continuing education classes, online training sites or volunteer opportunities to round out your knowledge base.

5. Solidify your references!

You certainly don’t want to make it through the interview process with flying colors only to lose the job because your former supervisor/HR representative gave you a lackluster (or negative) reference. Take charge of your career search by checking your own references and cross-checking with Career Services.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it — take the steps above now to ensure you celebrate the holidays with a new healthcare job!

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