Student Spotlight: Liliane Tran

Published - August 29, 2022


Tell us more about yourself & your background? 

  • I have a bachelor’s in psychology and research background in neuropsychology, specifically, sensation and perception, facial recognition, and learning and memory. My current goals include continuing to help others, expanding my research experience, and understanding the underlying mechanisms behind substance abuse/addiction. I decided to get into MRI with the interest of specializing in fMRI for clinical studies in psychopharmacology.

What brought you to CBD College and when did you begin your journey here? 

  • I started August of 2021 and chose CBD College since their MRI program had good reviews, all online (worked with my schedule), and was one of the most affordable programs in my area.

What stage are you in your program here at CBD College? 

  • I am currently finishing up my third module and about 3 months into clinicals.

What do you enjoy most about your program?

  • What I enjoy most about this program is the hands-on experience I am getting at clinicals and seeing my progression as I begin to feel more comfortable with more advanced scans.

What do you find most interesting about your program? 

  • The most interesting thing about my program is the exposure to so many different scans. I was fortunate enough to be placed at a site that gets a lot of unusual cases so days here are never mundane.

Who or what is your greatest influence or inspiration?  

  • My greatest influence is Hamilton Morris.

What do you think students should know about CBD College’s MRI Program? 

  • Something students should know about this program is that it is focused around the ARRT which is a more recognized exam and makes you more marketable. Since the exam is physics heavy, this program breaks down the physics into three separate classes which gives students more time to focus and review.

 What advice do you have for future students?

  • My advice to future students is making sure they do not underestimate how much time this program demands in order to succeed. I recommend dedicating a lot of time into studying, using all the resources this program provides, and applying that knowledge into clinicals. Being able to show how much you already know, are able to adapt quickly, and committed to being there will not go unnoticed and could lead to employment opportunities at your site.


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