Student Spotlight: Courtney Clark

Published - June 13, 2017

If a prospective student is eager to learn more about Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Courtney Clark would be the best advisor.  Meticulous and a go-getter, this student shows passion for her field and her future as an Ultrasound Technician.  Courtney will not evade the tough questions and chooses to dive headfirst into the unknown.  For these reasons, her career after CBD College drives her, but the community cultivated here inspires her.  Read more about Courtney’s journey to becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer below!

How did you decide to pursue Diagnostic Medical Sonography?  What does DMS entail?

I knew I wanted to work in healthcare from an early age. My mom has worked for the Veterans Affairs Hospital as an ophthalmologist technician in the eye clinic since I was a young girl.  Each year, the VA would host a “take your kid to work day”, which was something I looked forward to every year and always participated in.  I remember leaving the hospital thCourtney Clarkose days hoping that I would get to go to work every day like my mom and love what I do. Being around the hospital environment guided my direction towards DMS.

Sonography has specifically stuck out to me in many ways.  I knew I wanted to assist in patients care in a way that the patient would not be able to.  Producing diagnostic images is the perfect way for me to accomplish this.  Sonography also fascinates me because I can perform a wide array of tests.  From OB/GYN to vascular, ultrasounds can detect anomalies that can lead to a diagnosis without entering the body.  Being hands on with the patient is my ultimate goal.

Why did you choose CBD College?

The main reason why I chose CBD College is its CAAHEP accreditation.  Being that only a handful of colleges within California have this accreditation, this ensured me that CBD’s high quality would provide me with substantial education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  I also chose CBD because of the friendly staff and community who welcomed me with when inquiring about the school.  My admissions representative, Christian Dominguez, guided me along the process of enrollment and aided with any questions I had about the school or program in an exceptionally smooth manner. Upon completing my required classes at CBD, I’m eligible for a 6-month full-time externship position.

Who is your favorite instructor at CBD?

My favorite instructor was my previous physics professor, Mr. K.

Physics has always been a challenging subject for me, one that I did not enjoy. However, once entering Mr. K’s class I finally felt like physics clicked for me.  He made it interesting and fun, and that is something for which I will always be grateful!

What is your most difficult class at CBD?

The most difficult class throughout this program was abdomen. My classmates and I first learned protocols and became introduced to scanning organs in Abdomen.  The material for the course was also very challenging, but I learned more than I ever thought possible within a 3-month time span.

What would you tell anyone who is interested in becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

If they’re interested in DMS, they should be interested in anatomy, physiology, physics, and vasculature.  My advice about entering the program would be to use lab time wisely and scan as much as possible.  Becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer is a skill that is acquired throughout time and practice, along with being knowledgeable in these subjects.

What things do you do beyond of the classroom?  Do you have a job work outside of school?

I am a part-time nanny for a 2-year-old boy.  Outside of working, class, studying, and friends, I participate in yoga, Frisbee golf, hiking, and dancing. I also enjoy going to concerts, beach days, and exploring Los Angeles.

What’s the most rewarding thing about balancing work, study, and family?

The most rewarding thing about balancing this program with work, family, and friends would be the feeling of accomplishment and importance at the end of each day.  This profession will allow me to make an impact in each patient’s life by providing the best possible images. Knowing that I will make a difference in the world of healthcare is enough to fulfill me professionally.
Courtney Clark

What excites you about going on externship?

Going into externship I am most excited about finally using the knowledge and skills I have gained throughout the class and putting it to the test.  Being that I am a hands on learner, I am eager to continue my education through real patients and experiences.

Why would you recommend someone to choose CBD?

CBD College has provided me with an exceptional education that has set me up for success within this field.  I also would recommend it because of the tight knit community that I was able to be a part of while attending this college. Being that I moved to California from Wisconsin for this program, I do not have family near me.  Attending CBD, I have made connections with professors, students, and advisors that are like family to me.  That’s a blessing in itself.

Before you go, would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

Shout out to our program advisor, Josefina Delgado who is always there for any concern, question, or mental support needed.  She has guided me throughout this program, making me feel comfortable and important no matter how big or small my concern was, and to her, I would like to say thank you!


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