What is the Difference between a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Physical Therapy Assistant?

Published - March 27, 2014

When you choose to pursue a career in physical therapy, there are many options to consider. One of the most significant choices to make is whether you want to become a physical therapist assistant or a physical therapy assistant. While the two sound relatively similar, the requirements and responsibilities of each are actually quite different.

By taking the time to understand each, you can make the decision that’s right for you, giving you access to the rewarding career in physical therapy that you’ve always wanted.

Comparing the Two Professions

 There are several important differences to be aware of when it comes to distinguishing between a physical therapist assistant and a physical therapy assistant. Some of the primary differences between the two careers are as follows:

  • Education – While becoming a physical therapist assistant requires a two-year intensive education program at a physical therapist assistant school, there is no formal education required for a physical therapy assistant. In fact, a physical therapy assistant doesn’t typically train for the position until after being awarded the job.
  • Responsibilities – Physical therapist assistants are given many exciting and challenging tasks, including carrying out the therapy itself, recording progress that patients are making, and addressing any potential concerns that arise. However, as a physical therapy assistant, you will be unable to work directly with a patient without direct supervision. This means that a physical therapy assistant is responsible for setting up for the responsibilities of physical therapist assistants and other professionals by cleaning and preparing equipment.
  • Salary – As you might suspect, a physical therapist assistant makes substantially more than a physical therapy assistant, especially because schooling is required for the former. Typically, the median annual salary for a physical therapist assistant is approximately $50,000 whereas the annual salary for a physical therapy assistant is around $23,000.

Get Started with Your Career Today

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