Admissions Spotlight: Dora Garcia

Published - March 17, 2018

What is your role here at CBD College Career Services?

I’m an Admissions representative in the Admissions Department here at CBD College. Prospective students will come in and see me, and I help them decide which program is best for them.  Many times students come in thinking one thing, and leave thinking another.  I let them know what to expect from classes and homework to school life.  We guide them towards the path that suits them best and set them up for success considering their work and home life.

What makes the CBD College student body unique?

Our students are very serious about what they want in the career they see themselves in.  We have students who come on board and go through interview processes and testing before they get accepted into a majority of our programs.

dora garcia

What should I start doing today to be accepted into my dream healthcare field tomorrow?

I always say volunteer in the field of your career choice.  Let’s say you want to do OTA, find an OTA location that will let you volunteer.  That’s how you can ensure that you’re doing what you want to do.  You don’t want to go through all this schooling and find out that’s not what you really wanted to do.

Do all majors have the chance to have internships, and are they a common part of the educational experience?

Yes they do.  Every student will be assigned a clinical site, and once they’re there, they hone in on the career.  You’re getting on the job training whether you’re side by side with a doctor or surgeon.  This prepares our students for what to expect once they have a job.  In the real world, tardiness isn’t accepted, your attendance is pivotal to the functioning of the clinic, office, or hospital.  They have to follow rules as if they’re one of the employee there.

How accessible are professors?  What are some examples of professor/student interactions outside of the classroom?

Many of our professors are here all day.  They have a break in between classes, and they’re here for students who need tutoring or extra lab time.  They’re very accessible.

How large are the largest classes? How small are the smallest classes?  What is the average class size?

The largest is 30, the smallest can vary.  For instance, in a program like Dental started with five students, then when the next module starts, there will be another five, so that’s 10 students.  That alone really sets us a part from other colleges because students are getting a considerable amount of one-on-one time with their professors and instructors.  Some classes have instructors and aides, so there’s always time to work with both of them.

Are there academic support services on campus such as tutoring and writing centers?

They can talk to their instructors, program directors, and aides for their office/tutoring hours.  Students often set up their own study groups in the Student Resource Center, where you can also talk to Student Affairs and Career Services for help with writing and résumé building, respectively.

What excites you about guiding someone to become a CBD College Student?

Seeing the transformation from the time they walk in to when they walk across the stage at graduation is my favorite part about being in admissions.  Many people come in, not knowing what they want to do or what they can do.  We set them up to be excited when they start and all the way through their time here.  You’ll never see a student who is not happy to be here on campus.  Of course, they’re nervous for finals, but they’re ultimately enthusiastic about their career choice and what they’re doing.

Do you have any advice for potential students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry?

You have to have patience for this kind of work.  You’re working with people who aren’t themselves when they’re sick and need special attention.  You have to have a huge passion to work in the medical field.


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