Faculty Spotlight: Edoardo Cerani, MS RT (R) (MR) ARRT

Published - May 9, 2018

Meet MRI Program Director, Edoardo Cerani!

I’m very excited to launch the Magnetic Resonance Imaging program at CBD College,” Mr. Edoardo Cerani said. “With jobs on the rise and growth projected for the future in diagnostic imaging, I want to be able to provide the best experience for students and help them learn and grow so they can become successful and provide an excellent service for patients.”
How did you pursue a career in magnetic resonance imaging?Edoardo Cerani
Having always been fascinated by the human anatomy and physiology, I started with a radiography (x-ray) school and then decided to specialize in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI can show human anatomy in cross-sectional slices with exquisite detail, and unlike x-ray or CT it doesn’t expose you or the patient to ionizing radiation. Furthermore, I liked the constant technological evolution happening in this relatively new imaging modality.

What led you to pursue instructing?

I started “teaching” as a judo instructor when I was 17 years old, and then a language instructor and science instructor later on, right after having moved to the US, and that made me realize that teaching was my passion and that I was appreciated by my students. After having studied radiology and becoming a registered technologist in X-ray and MRI, I was frequently asked to tutor and help other students and my former instructors and Dean of Education asked me to become an MRI instructor for their College, as they recognized my skills and ability to teach even complex topics and make them understandable.  Since then, I have been successfully teaching MRI – with students’ satisfaction – for 10 years.  In 2009, I created the vert first Online MRI Program in the US.

When did you start at CBD College?

I started working at CBD College in September 2016, and since then I created and developed all the Curriculum, Syllabi and necessary ABHES accreditation documentation for the new MRI Programs that are about to start here at CBD.

Who has been you’re greatest inspiration or mentor?

My greatest mentor has always been my father, from whom I inherited and learned the importance of work ethics, responsibility, accountability and reliability.

How are you involved with MRI outside of CBD College?

I am always keeping myself current in the field through specialized continuing education courses, profession specific magazines, newsletters and webinars.

I often develop new teaching ideas and material when at home as well.

Do you have any advice for potential students interested in pursuing a career in MRI or healthcare in general?

Healthcare in general is a field where you will have to deal with ill people (patients) who are particularly vulnerable and in need of empathy, care and support, that always need to be delivered in a very ethical and professional way. If you feel that the virtues of patience, compassion, understanding, benevolence, responsibility, professionalism and attention to detail belong to your personality, then you could be a great healthcare professional.

For MRI in particular, being a pretty complex and vast imaging modality due to the electromagnetic physical principles on which it is founded, in order to be successful you will need to be very dedicated and committed, and make a real effort, especially at the beginning. Your instructors will always be there to guide and support you, and to give you all the tools necessary to learn and improve, but your active involvement and will to consistently study and learn will be necessary to make the results of this “team work” a productive and constructive experience that will provide you with lifelong growth, professional and personal satisfaction.


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