Employer Spotlight: Universal Hospital Services

Published - February 28, 2017

Learn More About Universal Hospital Services in this Month’s Interview!

CBD College had the pleasure of interviewing Nathania Ackerman and Erin Jenkins from UHS for this month’s Employer Spotlight.  They come all the way from Sacramento to interview anduniversal hospital services present our Surgical Techs with information about their company

What are the vales and mission of your UHS? What is the culture like?

At UHS, we believe every interaction has the power to change a life.  Universal Hospital Services, Inc. is a leading, nationwide provider of health care technology management and service solutions. UHS owns or manages more than 700,000 units of medical equipment for more than 7,000 national, regional and local acute care hospitals and alternate site providers across the U.S. For more than 75 years, UHS has delivered medical equipment management and service solutions that help clients reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies, improve caregiver satisfaction and support optimal patient outcomes.

Do you offer any externship programs?

We currently do not offer externships, but we do have entry level positions available across the U.S.

universal hospital servicesWhat are some of the biggest weaknesses of new hires? 

New hires often do not come to UHS with all the technical knowledge that they will learn in their new career.  However, this is not seen as a weakness, but an opportunity for personal and professional development!  UHS is committed to training individuals who have a passion for health care.

How are our graduates thriving at your company?

Our first graduate has started at UHS on the 23rd of January, and we are looking forward to many more graduates starting throughout this year!

Who are you searching for in terms of the ideal candidate?

We are looking for people with a good moral compass and strong desire to assist health care providers in delivering an excellent patient experience. Our technicians are customer-facing every day, so their role requires punctuality, good communication skills, and a high standard of professionalism.  Our technicians are the face of UHS to our customers and assist in maintaining close relationships with our accounts.

What are some of the key factors on your mind when interviewing candidates?

As we interview candidates, we are looking for someone with a professional and positive demeanor.  We ask questions about their motivations for working in health care, as well as employment and educational history.  Throughout the interview process, we endeavor to determine if the candidate will be a committed and engaged member of the UHS team.


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