Graduate Spotlight – Corynne Ramaker

Published - November 3, 2022

Faculty Spotlight – Corynne Ramaker, Occupational Therapy Assistant Graduate

My name is Corynne Ramaker I have an AS in social and behavioral science before I pursued my COTA at CBD. I worked for a city as well as school districts for years which introduced me to occupational therapy and made me fall in love. When searching for schools, I was able to visit and talk to administration and CBD felt the most welcoming and that they genuinely cared and that’s why I chose to attend.

Currently, I work in a mental health setting where I am able to engage with patients that may currently be in psychosis, going through substance abuse and other mental illnesses. I facilitate group recreation therapy sessions to reduce anxiety, curate coping skills, express negative emotions, regulate maladaptive behaviors, etc.

Most interesting AND the most fulfilled part of my job are the patients. I get to meet people from all walks of life from age 13 to 99. Building rapport and supporting them in some of their darkest times is the most rewarding thing.

My most memorable moment from CBD is hard to choose. My cohort was the covid lock down cohort so we had to improvise on how we can present projects and make our education work (HUGE thank you to our professors for that). Going through the pandemic and being able to make it to the end with my cohort is the best memory.

I have many incredible people in my life that push me to be better. My family and friends are huge influences on my life. In the OT field, honestly, the professors I’ve met at CBD I look up to so much, and still do. They supported me and have inspired me to be the best clinician I can be. Dr. Kokesh and Ms. Park have been the most wonderful teachers. I could name every single professor as well, they all hold a special place in my heart as I continue to grow and accomplish my goals in healthcare, I remember their energy

I feel amazing! I feel like there is SO much more and this is just the beginning. I absolutely love mental health but my long term goal is to get into acute care. I want to help as many people as I possibly can.

Students should know that all of the work you are given, will come in handy. Every single thing that I’ve learned has shaped my into a well rounded COTA with the confidence to excel in any setting.

My advice would be to be open minded, go for your dream setting but you might actually love a different one. You will find a job and you will make an impact.


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