Healthcare as a Career for High School Graduates

Published - December 28, 2014

Many students come out of high school wondering what to do with their diplomas and the rest of their lives. Some students know that they want to pursue a career in healthcare, but are not sure what careers are open to them. Here are some healthcare careers high school graduates should look into if they are serious about pursuing a career in a health care related field:


 Physical Therapist Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant

These are medical professionals who focus on developing a specially tailored treatment programs aimed at addressing the unique needs of the individual patients they work with in terms of therapy, recovery, and healing. OTAs and PTAs can work with young children and senior adults. Anyone who needs help with physical activities such as walking, standing, eating, dressing, washing, and many other activities can benefit from these professionals. The career is very popular and can lead to many rewarding careers within this field of medicine and health care.

Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound and other similar imaging tests and processes are instrumental to the success of a wide range of medical treatments and therapies. From diagnosis to monitoring, having well trained ultrasound technicians is paramount to successful health care treatments. This is why it is a career path that still remains in high demand an also a career path that can be very rewarding for those who graduate from ultrasound programs. Whether you end up working with a hospital, private practice, clinic, or educational program, this program an degree will open many doors to amazing career options with quick training programs and certifications available.

Medical Assistant

This career path will provide you plenty of opportunities for working with patients and their families on a personal level. This can be a very exciting and rewarding career and you will be directly involved with the care of the patients by performing tasks such as drawing blood, taking vitals, and other important tasks. The career overall needs no advanced training but some tasks will require some additional training, which is usually offered on the job or is able to be done through short, week long training courses.

Pharmacy Technician

If you decide to work as a Pharmacy Technician, you have the opportunity to work with Pharmacists and assist them in a variety of duties. You may assist with handing out medications, showing patients how to use pieces of equipment, answer questions abound certain medications, or be there for patients who have questions and concerns. Your working environment could be in a retail pharmacy in a hospital or grocery store, or you may be working with educational programs and outreach programs that are set up for patients.

A career in healthcare is not for everyone, but if you have a passion for helping others in their time of need, then this is a career to consider. After you spend some time in the healthcare field and if you decide to pursue further career options there are many other degrees and training programs you can take. advance your career and impact the lives of even more people in need.

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