Career Services Spotlight: Marcy Argote

Published - March 23, 2018

What is your role here at CBD College Career Services?

I’m a Career Services Officer for Medical Assisting (MA) and Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS), and I’m the MA Externship coordinator. In Career Services, we help make sure your résumé looks professional and ready to go so you can get hired.  When I call the employers, the first thing I ask is, “Are you looking for hires?”  If they say yes– providing the candidate has professional and customer service skills– they’ll offer them a job.  Ninety days after, our graduates are getting health insurance and 401k information—for some it’s their first time.

I help the MA program in finding sites for them to complete their 200 hours.  This gives them the opportunity, especially for our MA’s, to get hired and continue their education.  I tell them, “Spread your wings and fly away” CBD College will give you the foundation, and what you do with that information and those skills is up to you.  Become an RN, an LVN, or an administrator! You won’t stop here.

I also work closely with DMS.  Once they become registered (RDMS), they can work in hospitals and there’s more money involved.  That process is a little bit longer, but we want them to start a career as an RDMS.  That requires 600 hours at externship, and I work closely with the Program Director and the site to make that happen.

How can Career Services help me with my job and externship search?

You have to be on board with mock Interviews, people skills, and soft skills.  My job is to prepare you from externship to placement.  When you’re out there interviewing, it reflects on CBD College.  The more you prepare yourself, the better your chances are for landing better interviews and getting the job at your dream facility– Cedars Sinai, UCLA, who doesn’t want a paycheck that’s signed from UCLA?  At CBD College, we have so many career and interview resources, so utilize them!  Our officers have access and experience in what employers are looking for when hiring.  Even if you’ve graduated already, and have been working for a year, send me an updated résumé with your new skills and we’ll start sending you out.  You don’t need an appointment, my door is always open.

What are the basic characteristics that employers are looking for from someone who just graduated?

Employers are looking for someone who is good at multi-tasking and someone that can show them the skills they’ve learned.  Most people can’t do that.  They’re also looking for professionalism, integrity, and someone who wants a job for the long-term.  When employers are hiring, they’re also looking for someone who is a team player.

What should I start doing today to land the dream job tomorrow?

Like I told someone earlier this week, you need to ask yourself why you picked this program over another program?  You have to have a “why.”  That why will take you to the next level.  What in your life inspired you to help others, and why did you choose CBD College? The techniques and tools we teach and provide here help you master your job and navigate you through your career.  That’s what is going to make you stand out.  You have to show how you’ll be the best candidate for the job.  Own your true weaknesses and explain what you’re doing to make yourself better.

What excites you about helping CBD College Students get placed?

Getting students hired is the reason I’m here! It doesn’t matter what program it is, I want them to start their career.  I want them to continue to be better.

Do you have any advice for potential students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry?

Go with the passion.  You need to know that if you want to do Medical Assisting, it needs to show.  When you’re out on externship, you need to be saying to yourself “200 hours is not enough!”  If it’s the instrumentation, then maybe Surgical Tech is for you.  There are so many options, so make sure you’re passionate about the one you choose.


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