Pharmacy Technicians are in High Demand, Here’s Why

Published - May 14, 2014

Medical science is in a constant state of rapid advancement. Thanks to researchers, trials, innovative doctors, and courageous patients, we can now cure dozens of conditions and diseases that weren’t even treatable 10 years ago. If you’re considering a career as a pharmacy technician, this is good news for you. Attending a pharmacy technician program in Los Angeles will set you up to take advantage of a job market that’s set to expand for years to come.

Here’s why:

Advances in Medicine

The more advanced medicine gets, the more prescription medicines are being relied upon to fight illness. More prescriptions mean more pharmacies, and more pharmacies mean more pharmacy technicians.

Education Requirements

You can’t simply walk into a pharmacy and become a pharmacy technician. You’ll need to attend a pharmacy technician program to learn the skills and become licensed. Because this is a role that does require additional education, pharmacies are always on the hunt for qualified applicants. With higher demand and a smaller pool of people to do the job, salaries go up and options widen for those ready to start in the field.

Beyond the Drugstore

When you think of a pharmacy, you probably think of your local drugstore or grocery store. However, pharmacy technicians are needed in a wide range of environments; retailers, department stores, hospitals, emergency clinics, community centers, and other non-drugstore locations are often in need of qualified pharmacy technicians. If you’re a qualified pharmacy tech, you’ll find plenty of interesting places that need your help.

Working as a pharmacy technician is a rewarding way to help people in need and to participate in the medical field. And with prescription drug use increasing and more and more businesses looking to include pharmacies in their design, the job market is destined to continue getting better. Graduates of a pharmacy technician program will go into a job market where employment is set to increase by 20% over the next eight years.

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