Graduate Spotlight: Richard Tovar, ST

Published - January 5, 2018

Meet Richard Tovar, Surgical Technician Graduate from CBD College!

Tell us about yourself and your background and what brought you to CBD College.

I worked a lot of labor jobs with a lot of hours.  I got to the point where I said to myself “Either you do something about it or you keep living the same life you’re living.”  After finding out that my wife’s sister attended CBD College, I turned in my two weeks. I came, met with Jim, and they gave me the whole rundown about earning my high school diploma first.  I ended up taking a whole tour of CBD.

I would go home, stay up until 3 in the morning, then I’d go to school – I’d be here right before they opened.   I’d be at the computer until they closed, then I’d go back home and study.  It was hard to come into the medical field without a medical background.  I struggled a little bit, but I’d stay here and practice my technique.   It’s just something I wanted to be good at.  I’d come in on Fridays just to practice by myself.

I went into clinicals and worked my butt off.  They said do 8 hours, and I’d do 12 hours.  Eventually, I got hired from my clinical site.

Tell us about your current job:

richard tovar
It’s great!  We cover pretty much all the spine cases throughout the Valley.  So I’m working with the same surgeons consistently. We bring in the trays and the implants.  So I’m not just a surgical tech, but a sales rep as well.  It’s a cool journey.

What do you find the most interesting about your position currently?

Everything!  You know how the body works, reading people, networking – you meet so many different people so you get the hang of everything.  As long as you’re willing to ask questions, surgeons are willing to answer them.

What is your most memorable moment at CBD College?

Which one wasn’t’? I had a few, especially with the teachers.  Ms. V pushed me hard.  I know she was extra hard on me, but it’s something I’m glad she did.  I could’ve easily been like “You know what, whatever,” but she kept pushing, and she told me she saw something in me.  I carried that on as a fire within me because I didn’t want to disappoint her. Mr. M in the OR taught me a lot about what I was going to use in the field.  I was able to open up in front of the class.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration or influence?

My wife, for sure.  She’s always pushing me to get an education.  If I had to come do extra hours she supported me all the way.  Even now she supports me in so many ways.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I get a lot more time to be with my kids now.  It’s what I always wanted, and now I have that chance through my career.

Do you have a personal motto for yourself or your life?

My motivation for myself when I don’t feel motivated is listening to motivational speeches.  If I’m feeling out of it, I push myself to keep pursuing.  I want to get better, but I can’t reach that level if I’m comfortable.  So I try to put myself in uncomfortable situations to learn how to keep pushing.   My goal is to reach the top.


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