Social Media Awareness Month

Published - December 7, 2017

Social Media Awareness Month

social media awareness month
Our digital presence and “real” lives intertwine while institutions determine whether they should review and investigate harmful student behavior.

Pursuant to Department of Education guidance, a school is considered to be on notice of a potential Title IX violation if a responsible school employee knew should have known about the alleged incident of sexual violence. This encompasses direct complaints from a victim as well as indirect notice from a member of the local community, on a social networking site, or from the media.

Despite numerous reported incidents of cyberbullying around the world, we still remain apathetic to them as most only believe that such problems only confine to the children only. However, such statements prove to be incorrect when cyberbullying actually can come in many different forms and it can even affect adults in both subtle and dramatic manners. The constant taunt and torment caused by irresponsible people can drive others into severe depression and madness.

Top Ways That You Can Use To Stop Social Media Harassment

When you are facing cyberbullying or social media harassment, dealing with it can be very tricky. Some even advocate that one should avoid using the Internet and stay away from it. However, in an age when we constantly eye our cellphones or browse the web, such an approach isolates people. The impractical solution does not address the root of the problem.  There remain better ways of handling and preventing cyberbulling while enjoying the best of technology.


When dealing with cyberbullying, the first and most important steps rest in your hands.  As an example, it is best that you should never respond to anything that the bully said. Besides, you also should not even retaliate by doing the same back to the bullies because it is not just worth the trouble and effort. In addition, retaliation only shows that you are not any better than them. Furthermore, responding in such a way actually aggravates the problem by escalating it further. Most importantly, you must remember that the bullies feed off your direct responses to them. Hence, you must never give them the satisfaction by taking the bait.

Recording & Reporting

social media awareness
When it comes to recording and reporting any details of cyberbullying that involves you and your good name, you must differentiate between being obsessed and relentless. The former consumes your entire life with paranoia. It is highly recommended for you to adopt the latter approach by reporting every bullying incident in a steady manner; one that does not take too much from your own life. According to the iPrice gadget department, as you record and report to the appropriate authorities (web administrators, police, and other relevant bodies), you are actually deterring these “cyber attacks” from happening. This should be the correct message that you want to send the bullies.


This is another crucial step so that you do not have to be bothered by such nonsensical messages that are being uploaded by the offending users. In order to prevent communication from the bullies, you just need to block their email addresses, mobile numbers, and even social media accounts. When you have done that, you will definitely feel relief as you have severed the link.

Express & Extinguish

When you encounter an incident of cyberbullying, talk to your close friends or family.  Express your feelings to them. Moreover, talking to other victims of cyber bullying also gives the kind of support that you need. In fact, it feels good when it takes a huge weight off your own shoulders. Just let go and enjoy life in a way that you should.


No matter what age, nasty comments hurt in ways unimaginable.  In many cases, these bullies’ warped versions of their own insecurities drive their actions.  They channel their negativity by uploading them to the Internet.  Beyond internet interactions lies a bigger world, and you can learn this childish behavior is laughable.

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