Steven Hernandez and Elizabeth Rangel: Family Spotlight

Published - May 12, 2017

Meet Steven Hernandez and Elizabeth Rangel

We sat down with Steven Hernandez and Elizabeth Rangel from the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program here at CBD College.  These students are already making a mark in their respective modules.  What you may not know about these two healthcare scholars will surprise you.  Read on to learn more about their story!

How are you liking the program so far?  I know you just started in February.

Steven: It’s fun! It’s a very friendly, open, welcoming environment.

Fun fact about you is that your mom, Elizabeth, also goes here.  When did you start, Mom?steven hernandez and elizabeth rangel

Elizabeth: I started August of 2016. And I love it.

What made you choose DMS?

E: I’ve been in the medical field for over 20 years as a medical assistant.  I started really getting interested in ultrasounds when we started doing ultrasound-guided IUD’s at work.  I just found it so intriguing.  A few months later, here I am at CBD!

Is there a class that you like so far?

E: Abdomen really interests me, but I really think I’m going to like OB.  It captures me: the babies, the pregnancy, and just life!  I think I’m going to go that route.

That’s amazing!  So you’re passionate about this field.  How do you think Steven became interested in pursuing an education in the medical field?

E: His father and I are both in the medical field.  It’s in the family.  He’s always been interested, he just didn’t know exactly where.  I would see him pay attention to my notes and ultrasound pictures as I studied.  He’s always been a people person, nurturing, and wants to help others.  For example, he would teach the younger students at his school.  I think he’s perfect for the medical field.

S: Yeah, she told me about the program she was in- the same program I’m in, DMS- and it really sparked my interest.  I needed to know more about it.  I saw her at home studying on the weekends, and I always wondered what exactly she was doing.

How was the process of applying?  I know sometimes parents come in with their college graduates?

E: I definitely recommended him to CBD College.  I was in class then.  I work full time, so I get off work and start class here at night.  I was here for his first interview.  I referred him to Christian, and he was with him throughout the whole process.  I’m grateful Steven was able to get in because this opens up a whole new avenue for his life.  He’s super excited, and I’m super excited for him.

Steven, have you always wanted to be a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

S: I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field, so this definitely steered me in the right direction.  I just really like helping people.  You are able to potentially save a life.  I can go into OBGYN, vascular, abdominal, etc.  As I learn more I can choose to hone in on my specialty.

What is it like to go to the same school through the same program as your mom?

S: It’s definitely convenient to carpool with her.  It’s fun.   It’s good.

E: We’ve always been super close, but now it’s like an extra bond.  We get to go home together.  We talk about our day, our school, our testing.

Does she help you study?

S: We study on our own time, but she told me “If you need help, I have notes.”  So I guess it’s nice to have that as backup.  I don’t think my experience learning here is too different.  It’s nice to know I have her as a reference for any notes or any help, though.

E: He’s never actually asked me, “How do you do this, how do you do that?”  He’s just knocking it out of the park.  Every time I think about it I just have a huge smile on my face.  I’m so proud.


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