Student Spotlight – Chinyere Oparaocha

Published - November 8, 2015

When Surgical Technology Student Chinyere Oparaocha tore the ACL/PCL ligaments in his right knee, he had to spend six months recovering. Many people would have let a setback like this derail their plan to complete CBD College’s Surgical Tech Program, but after his recovery Oparaocha picked right back up where he left off. He graduated May 8th, 2015, and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him for our November newsletter.



Why did you choose CBD College?

“I knew CBD had a lot to offer, and everyone was so helpful when I was deciding which program to attend. CBD’s faculty and staff as well as the students were all so friendly, and I realized the school was one giant community. I also appreciated the fact that I saw more than one ethnic group represented in the student body. This diversity really helped me to make the ultimate decision to join the program.”


How did you decide to pursue Surgical Technology?

“I have a genuine fascination with the human body, particularly anatomy and physiology. I have a lot of compassion in my heart, which is the reason I am pursuing a career in healthcare. The human body amazes me. As a Surgical Tech, I get to see all of that. Everything a doctor would see, I get to see. We work in surgery, in the ER, and we get to see and experience the human anatomy and physiology. This really piqued my curiosity, and this is why I pursued this career.”


Now that you have graduated, where are you currently working?

“I just got hired at Harbor UCLA, LA County Hospital as a sterile processing tech! After experience, I will be eligible to be a travel tech and to work abroad. I know this experience will make me more marketable down the road. My long-term goal is to pave my way through undergrad and go through medical school. My immediate goal is to stay at Harbor UCLA for two years to gain experience.”


Who was your favorite instructor at CBD?

“Mrs. V was a great instructor. I had anatomy and physiology with her. When I had my injury, I came back too soon. Mrs. V assured me that the program would always be here and I would be able to come back and continue whenever I was ready. She is well informed and could answer any and all of my questions.  I have a lot of respect for her because I could tell she has such a passion for healthcare and medicine and teaching.”


What would you tell anyone who is interested in becoming a Surgical Tech?

“I would tell anyone who is interested in ST that this is a unique and highly coveted field. You have to become experienced and work your butt off. Being an ST is not just about being knowledgeable; it is also about earning the trust of the surgeon and being a part of a true team. TEAMWORK. Be prepared! CBD will prepare you.”


What was your most difficult class at CBD?

“Definitely Orthopedic. The muscular system and skeletal system was difficult! It was fascinating, but there so much information to master. The sheer quantity of information that you must memorize, and the names and parts of the body…there is so much to learn.”


Why would you recommend someone choose CBD?

“CBD is a small school, but it is obviously growing. Every time I come back to the school, the facilities are growing, which means more options for students. It is a great time to become a part of this experience. CBD really cares about the students, and it has many, many options to help them, especially students who are working and students with children. My issues were always addressed. If you trust the staff, they will always produce.”


Before you go, would you like to give a shoutout to anyone?

“Jason and Nora are amazing! Jason just started, but he has been really motivational. He’s already been through the entire process, and he’s been helping me a great deal from my first interview all the way until now, when I was hired. He understood my passion for the medical field, and he was always offering advice and giving me the motivation I needed to keep going.”


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