Student Spotlight: Marisela Esquivel

Published - January 24, 2017

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Usually, when interviewing for this spotlight, I explain that we will have what I like to call a “sit down,” to capture the nuances  of our scholars in real time.  Not with Marisela Esquivel.  As one of our work-studies, she’s constantly in motion.  She answered my questions with her hands busy, but never out of the moment or  emotionally unavailable.  She’s certainly not your average student, and definitely an above average  person.

What called you to pursuing a degree?

I was looking into career schools since I was in my early 20’s.  At first, I was not accepted to schools because I did not hamariselave a High School diploma. I just received my HS diploma this year.  The best part was that it was on the day of my birthday.  It was a great gift for me.  I was checking out schools to have as much information as possible, especially when it came to monthly payments and loans.  I would happily walk into other schools where I had appointments.  The thought of going to school made me feel excited and motivated.  However- I’m not going to lie- when I talked to Financial Aid, it was as if someone just smacked me in my face and said, “Stop dreaming.” I walked out saying, “Let me think about it and give you a call back,” but I would immediately block their number and never look back.

Why did you choose CBD College?

One day, not too long ago, I logged into Facebook and saw a picture of a friend that graduated from CBD College. I asked her as many questions as I could, and I spoke with my partner about this school.  I set up an appointment with Earl, and I took my partner and my daughter. I was excited and scared. I left that day without giving an answer, but when I started to drive off something was telling me to call back.  So I called Earl and set up a 2nd appointment. I was confident and went to my next visit alone.  Then they sent me to financial aid.  You can imagine my anxiety.  I met with Sugey, and it was the best part ever.  Loans were not overwhelming, monthly payments were great.  On the outside, I was relieved (to say the least), but in my head, I was doing happy dances.  I know the experience for everyone is different, but they will help you a lot.  The best part is that I’m attending CBD College and looking forward to working in the medical field as a Medical Assistant.

What does being a Medical Assistant entail that makes you so interested in that field?

Being a Medical Assistant entails a variety of tasks.  Medical Assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly. I have to learn how to do front and back office work. I have also learn how to do venipuncture with different methods: butterfly, syringe.  I have to know the proper instruments for patients (ie. infants, the elderly, etc.).  I also take vitals, so taking the blood pressure, respiratory, pulse.

I never thought about becoming a Medical Assistant until I went with my Gramma to a doctor’s appointment. Many patients had not been seen yet; we waited for a while. I love working with people, and I have 5 years of experience in customer service. So I thought, what better way to use my skills than in a field that is always growing and is going to be in need of Medical Assistants?

Who is your favorite instructor at CBD?

Well, my current instructor is Mrs. R.  She is a very helpful and patient instructor. She will go over something you don’t understand until you do get it.  What more can I ask for?  I remember the first time she told all of us new students that we are performing a TB test, and I almost passed out. Mrs. R was there helping us, making sure everything went smoothly.

What would you tell anyone who is interested in becoming a Medical Assistant? 

If you like to work in the medical field, a way to start is by becoming a medical assistant.  It only takes a few months to get your diploma.  When you least expect it, you’re almost half way done.

Is it hard to balance work and study and family?

It’s not hard when you put your mind to it.  My daughter and I both love to  do Aztec Dancing. We joined a group that teaches step by step and the culture. It’s priceless when I see her dances; it really makes me tear up.  I’m not really seeing my her between class and work, so that’s hard.  So I get to go over homework with her when I get home.  Before I leave in the morning  she always asks for a big hug because “it’s going to be so long until [she] sees me again.”  She knows that what I’m doing is going to lead to better opportunities for us.  When I came home from school with an “A” on my test, she gave me an even bigger hug of excitement.

Why would you recommend someone to choose CBD?

CBD College is the place to go. From the moment you meet your Admissions rep to your class, you feel welcome.  The staff and instructors are very helpful. Also, the students help each other learn.  No one is left behind. Anywhere you turn, you will get help or an answer.

When is your expected graduation date?

I will graduate May or June 2017.  I’m in to my fifth month already I’m so excited.  I never thought I was going to make it this far.

Before you go, would you like to give a shout out to anyone?

Yes! To my mom for showing the support I needed, and for letting me know to never give up when I talk to her over the phone.  To my daughter Bridgette, my princess, the reason I wake up in the morning.  I would like to give a shout out to my Partner for always pushing me and telling me it’s never too late to go back to school.  Also to Mrs. R for teaching us, asking us if we have any questions, never letting us walk out if we have a doubt., and for convincing me to talk to Dr. S. about work-study!

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