Student Spotlight: Mina Na

Published - March 16, 2017

“This is your person right here, you want to get to know her.”  That’s how I was introduced to Mina Na.  While sitting down with her, she shared her coffee addiction, early morning workout routine, and favorite sushi spots with me.  However, I learned so much more about this above average person.  Read about her CBD College journey below.

Why did you choose CBD College? 

After quite a bit of research, I chose CBD College because it was a non-profit college. I knew that meant the school offered a learning environment designed first and foremost to serve students’ needs and success. Also, it was military friendly!   I was transitioning from active duty and wanted to use my benefits.  I was raised in LA and was away for a while.   I’ve always had an interest in the medical field; I wanted to be a medic in the Army, but the waiting list was very long.  So this fit my needs perfectly.

student spotlight mina naWhat does Surgical Technology entail for you?

It is a 16 month program which includes 4 month externship at a hospital or a clinic.  In class we learn everything from anatomy to physiology, procedures from all specialties, and most importantly, the principles of aseptic technique.  We find out next Tuesday where our externship site is!  Sometimes you can get a job from it!

How did you decide to pursue Surgical Technology? 

Operating rooms are full of sharp people-doctors, nurses- working together to improve and save lives. I wanted to be part of that team.

Who is your favorite instructor at CBD? 

This question is like asking me who I like better, my mother or my father. All of my instructors had a tremendous impact in my life. Ms. Hanna, the sweetest teacher. Mr. Magdaleno, who always reminds us to live by our motto,  ‘Aeger Primo”, which means patients first. Ms. Viktoria, I learned so much about surgical procedures in her class I had fumes coming out of my ears after her lectures.

What is your most difficult class at CBD?                              

I have to say anatomy and physiology. Six years ago I had never done any medical training, and it had been a while since I had gone to college.  They have you start with the “basics.”   Its’ the fundamental foundation of everything, so even when you continue on through the module, you always come back to anatomy.  Human body is the most complex structure in the universe. A lot of information to retain and a lot of homework too!

What would you tell anyone who is interested in becoming a Surgical Technologist? 

I’d recommend the Surgical Technology program to anyone looking for an exciting yet a rewarding career.  Not just anyone can do it; if you don’t’ want it, you’re not going to want to put the work in and you’ll fall off.  You have to really want to do it.

Where do you work outside of school?

I am a personal trainer part time and I also serve my country in the Army Reserve.

Is it hard to balance work, study, and family?

It can be hectic at times juggling work, study and family but it’s all about time management and of course caffeine.   I frequent the Starbucks downstairs.

What are your favorite things to do outside of the classroom?

I love to stay active, spend time with friends and family, and- of course- eat.

When is your expected graduation date?

I will be graduating in July, 2017. It’s just around the corner! Externship- 3/6

Why would you recommend someone to choose CBD? 

CBD College provides quality education and training to students. Most importantly, amazing instructors. The mentorship you have here at CBD with the instructors is second to none.  After six and half years of being in active duty, CBD College made my transition really easy.   They want to help you.

Before you go, would you like to give a shout out to anyone? 

I’d like to give a shout out to my Surgical Technology classmates who I love and adore. We have a special bond that is truly different. I’d also like to give a shout out to Mr. Magdaleno, “Aeger Primo”.


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