Student Spotlight – Naira Yengibaryan

Published - September 20, 2022

Student Spotlight – Naira Yengibaryan, Surgical Technology Program


Tell us more about yourself & your background?

My name is Naira Yengibaryan. I am from Armenia.I moved to the United States in 2016. I worked as a Surgical Tech in Armenia for 10 years and after I moved to the US I had to start over and study so hard to get my license here. So, I am here now at CBD college and I am so glad that I chose this college. 

What brought you to CBD College and when did you begin your journey here?

I began my journey on April 4,  2021. I chose CBD college because I was supporting myself, and I wanted a college that was both flexible and affordable. While I was attending classes, I was also working 20 hours a week, but I still managed to get my associate degree in 18 months.

What stage are you in your program here at CBD College?

I am currently into eleventh week of my clinicals. I have less than two months to finish my journey. 

What do you enjoy most about your program?

I think what I most enjoyed about the program was learning. I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and hands-on experience in the laboratories and in the clinical site. 

What do you find most interesting about your program?

The most interesting thing in my program is learning everything about the human body and knowing how it works (muscles, joints, organs, bones, veins. etc.,)

Who or what is your greatest influence or inspiration?

My greatest influence is my Mom.

What do you think students should know about CBD College’s ST Program? 

Every student should know that this program is for those who have no fears, who believe that he or she has a strong personality and strong will to help people. 

What advice do you have for future students?

Believe in yourself. Keep Your Goal in Mind. Take the initiative to start pursuing your education, stay focused and make sure you complete your goal. Set up adequate time for homework, study, sleep, relationships, and work. You need not always finish every task all at once and always take notes. 


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