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Financial Aid


CBD Financial Aid

CBD College
is currently approved to offer federal financial aid to our students. For those who qualify, Pell Grants or other forms of federal financial aid may be available to cover the cost of tuition and materials. If you do not qualify for federal grants, you may be able to secure a private student loan that will allow you to learn now and pay later, after you are a successful working professional. In addition to these options, the school has payment plans to meet the various needs of our students. We will work with you to make your education happen!

The cost of tuition varies depending on the program you are enrolled in, but the one thing all of the programs have in common is that they typically cost less than similar programs at other colleges. CBD is a not-for-profit school. That means our costs are lower, and we pass that savings on to you, the student.

We accept credit card payments. To learn more, contact our Financial Aid Officers today.

Our Financial Aid Officers will be happy to provide this information to students interested in financial assistance. CBD will do everything they can to make your dream happen for you!