Who is America cheering for? Our Health Hero Medical Workers

Published - April 29, 2020

Who is America cheering for? Our Health Hero Medical Workers.

The coronavirus has made America’s life more difficult than any time in the recent past. The news is full of frightening predictions about sickness and unemployment. But it has also made Californians agree that there is one group of people who they cheer on—our medical providers, highly trained professionals like medical assistants have become the backbone of America’s fight to take its country back from a virus. In today’s challenging environment, medical workers have become real life superheroes wearing scrubs rather than capes. Today medical assistants are in our country’s first line of responders helping others to stay happy and healthy and have the opportunity to be as medically fit as can be to continue with their lives. 

The crisis has shown that not only are there not enough doctors and nurses, but there is a critical shortage of medical professionals and medical assistants who can help them. CBD College is a leader in the Los Angeles area in healthcare training with ten health profession programs ranging from medical assistant, dental assistant, online health information technology, occupational therapy assistant, to surgical technology, and more. 

Whether you played “doctor” as a child and dreamed of pursuing a career in the medical field, or your interest of working in the medical field has been a recent desire—starting or even transitioning to a medical assistant career is an exciting milestone and speaks to your interest for helping people who need it the most.    

Do you want to make a change in your own life? Have you recently been laid off? Are you simply looking for a new career path? Perhaps you are on the road to wanting to become a better person? Do you get satisfaction in your own life knowing that you make a difference in a stranger’s life? By becoming a medical assistant, you may achieve a greater sense of worth and fulfillment.

If you are looking for a career in the medical field that provides fulfillment and doesn’t require years of intense and expensive education—consider beginning your training as a medical assistant.

California needs trained medical professionals now more than ever, it takes perseverance, skill and dedication.  Here are some reasons why you should apply to CBD College and start your new future in healthcare.

1. Los Angeles Needs Healthcare Professionals

The world as we knew even a few weeks ago has completely changed. The unemployment rate is at its highest level in decades. Non-essential businesses are closed and even some “essential” businesses are clinging to life. Front line medical workers and medical assistants have always played a vital role in society but their importance and need is greater than ever before. In order to meet the shortage, the federal government and military have had to fill the gap for qualified medical workers across the country.

Currently today the demand for healthcare workers has never been higher. With your training and certification, you can be prepared to join the frontline battle of whatever the future may hold in the medical field. There are currently a growing number of Americans who need medical care and treatment.

The “Baby Boomer” population is increasingly getting older and requires more medical attention as they age.  Of course, that medical care will be provided by physicians—but that physician will require the help of a medical assistant.

Hospitals are understaffed and under-served. There is a rapid push to expand the medical workforce. YOU can help alleviate that stress by becoming a liaison between patients, insurance companies, providers and specialists.

2. A Medical Career Has Great Benefits and Security

You can have the training and power to help your community receive the highest quality healthcare it deserves.

The need and demand for specialized medical assistants will always be present. According to the California Employment Development Department, employment of medical assistants is expected to grow by 29.2% by 2026. The state also cites the growth of the “aging baby-boom population” will continue to increase demand for medical services provided by physicians, who will need the assistance of medical assistants.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor, “as a result, physicians will hire more assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical duties.” There are also many technological advancements in the medical field, so that will also contribute to the growing number of medical assistant jobs being offered. 

The benefits are great too. According to the 2019 CMA (AAMA) Compensation and Benefits Report, 96% of medical assistants get benefits beyond their pay, 84% paid vacation, 75% medical insurance, 82% have dental benefits and 61% receive sick leave.

3. Our Healthcare System Relies on Medical Assistants

The limit does not exist when the time comes to choosing the right setting to apply your medical assistant certificate.   Medical assistants can serve in both administrative and clinical positions. Many medical assistants work in hospitals, emergency rooms, private practices or pharmacies.

Your job as a medical assistant can range from answering phone calls, updating medical records, filling out insurance forms, drawing blood, performing basic laboratory tests. A lot of people have general anxiety about going to the doctor for a variety of reasons (not being able to afford it, fear of bad news)—but as a medical assistant you have the opportunity to help patients cope with their fears and make their visit as painless as possible. Being a medical assistant means that you are a compassionate and understanding person. You have the opportunity to relieve a patient’s stress, anxiety or comfort them during a particularly hard medical visit and you yourself can achieve a sense of accomplishment from helping someone in need.

4. How do I do it?

Apply to CBD College today! Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. The coursework takes ten months to complete and a laptop is provided to you for your studies. The CMA exam is also paid for by CBD.

Don’t wait…start building your future with CBD College today!

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